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Japanese Akita Inu Puppy by Skele-kitty on deviantART

April 21, 2014 – 12:34 pm

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For those of you that follow me on DA, you'll know that a while ago I announced that I was getting an Japanese Akita Inu, because I submitted a graphic which showed the fundamental differences between the Japanese Akita Inu (JAI) and the American Akita (AA). The two breed have been separated every where in the world except for the USA and Canada. In Australia, the breed standards were separated at the end of 2012. To date there are officially only 21 JAI's in Australia, including mine.

Having previously owned an AA, and fostered many rescue AA's over a period of time, I can honestly say that the JAI's and the AA's are most definitely a different dog, both in appearance and in temperament. The JAI is a daintier dog, with finer features and a sensitive disposition. They are both equally intelligent and independent, but whilst the AA can display dog-aggressive tendencies, the JAI is dog-intollerant - as in, it likes interacting with other dogs, but will not tolerate any rude behaviour.

So now I am submitting a photo of my beautiful JAI, Keiko (恵子), which means lucky or blessed female child. She is 10.5 weeks old in this photo, and we plan on training her to be a therapy dog, so that we can give back to the community by cheering up elderly or sick people in hospitals and nursing homes. She already knows no, sit, stay, lay-down, give, leave-it, and fetch (which is pretty amazing considering that Akitas apparently don't fetch, but both she and my own AA both do/did). She is not destructive and she is already a wonderful office dog/companion.

Source: skele-kitty.deviantart.com

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