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Akita-Inu Breed History

March 25, 2014 – 09:31 am

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The ancestral home of the Akita is Odate city and its surrounding countryside in Akita prefecture. Records of this can be found well back in history. Odate has long been known as a 'Dog Town' in the Tohoku District.

Several names have been used in describing the Akita breed. They were known as 'Odate-Inu' and 'Kazuno-Inu' in their respective areas of northern Akita Province. They were also known as 'Nambu-Inu' from the name of the district as itr was known in the Han period (202BC-16AD). Collectively they were known as the 'Regional Dog'. Of these regional dogs, those living in towns and used for fighting were known as 'Kuwae-Inu' or 'Kuriya-Inu' in the local dialect, while others that were used for hunting in the countryside and mountains were known as 'Matagi-Inu. The dogs themselves were more or less alike. They were all Japanese dogs, which had been bred in these areas since ancient times. These were the ancestors of today's Akita.

Dr Toru Uchida, concludes in his book 'The Book of Dogs' that; "The Akita is morphologically different from other dogs including native Japanese dogs, Saghalien dogs, Laikas, and Samoyeds. One must assume this dog to be the one bred before recorded history, rather than a product if subsequent human improvement." Dr Shozaburo Watase states: "Japanese dogs can be categorised into the following three strains, which are: the far-northern, the mid-northern and the southern.

Source: www.japaneseakita-inu.co.uk

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