Akita Cross Dogs for Adoption and Rescue

February 20, 2014 – 10:15 am

Meet the absolutely gorgeous Rochelle, the Akita cross who is being fostered in Gloucester. She is a really lovely girl who loves attention and affection. Rochelle loves to have her belly tickled and will roll over as soon as she sees you so that she can have this done. She is also eager to give you big kisses when she wakes up in the morning and loves to have a cuddle. Rochelle is a bit of nervous girl but she will come to you when she wants a fuss. New owners must respect this and not try to force cuddles on her. Once you have gained her trust, Rochelle loves a cuddle and lots of fuss. She loves nothing more than having her belly tickled and lots of kisses and cuddles.

Rochelle is house-trained and not at all aggressive. She has no problems in the home as is not bothered by the hoover, washing machine, TV or petrol mower outside – she will just sit and watch. Rochelle is not dominant over food – she will keep her head in her bowl if any of the other dogs come over but never growls. She will also share her food and sit nicely waiting for a treat. Rochelle is happy to share her toys and plays nicely with other dogs with her toys. She shows no signs of jumping the fencing. Rochelle has got through the puppy-chewing phase but will dig the garden if she smells something exciting – like a mole! She is an obedient girl and she will stop digging as soon as she is told to.

At the moment Rochelle sleeps at night in a crate. She is happy to do this she takes herself off to her crate. During the day the crate door is left open and she will take herself to her crate for a sleep. Rochelle is ok to be left alone for short periods of time but due to being a puppy gets bored easily. She can be left for 2-3 hours, longer if with another dog. As Rochelle is still a puppy she will need ongoing training. She is toilet trained in our foster home but she will need to gain trust and realise where the garden is in her new home so new owners will need to be aware that there may be the odd accident until she has settled.

Source: www.dogsblog.com

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