A wonderful discussion about cream and white in the Nihon Ken, from the Japanese Kai man Shigeru Kato, who runs the Tora Inu and Nihon Ken blogs. He is respected in the hunting and show scene with Kai, Shikoku and Kishu. This man knows what he is talking about! This is taken from the Nihon Ken Forum, and pretty much sums up all I have come to understand about the issue.

“I had a question from someone about white Shiba, so talked with some NIPPO members and judges about it, and I’m adding my own thoughts as well.

Why are white coats shunned in the NK?

If you take a look at the present NIPPO standard, white is not a ‘non-standard’ color. You can register a white Shiba for instance. White is not however, preferred (i.e. will be severely penalized in the ring) in the Shikoku and Shiba. In Akita, Hokkaido, and Kishu, white is allowed. The NIPPO standard specifically calls for all Kai to be brindle, so white is not allowed.

Why is white not preferred? Written into the present NIPPO standard are all manner of details on conformation, among these is a clause calling for all coat coloration to have strong hues, and for judges to watch for lightening or dilution of color. Any dilution of color is seen as a weakening in the coat color genetic code, leading to loss of that color in the breed. Since NIPPO’s stated goal is preservation, this is unacceptable. The standard also calls for urajiro in the NK. It is obviously not possible to judge whether a white dog has urajiro, or to judge the color hues of the genes it is carrying (other than white).

Exhibit one, the Kishu. The Kishu was not a predominantly white breed. In the early days of the breed it was predominantly ‘yushoku’ (having color). There is ancient art from the area depicting hunting dogs from the area as black, and looking back at some of the first NIPPO exhibitions, the numbers show roughly 70% yushoku, with only 30% of the dogs being white. Fast forward to the present day, and the breed is almost entirely white. How did this happen? Apparently there was a line with some outstanding studs who happened to be white, and they were used extensively. General preference leaned toward white these lines, and toward white Kishu in general. White x yushoku breedings result in mixed litters, but white x white breedings result in only white pups (so I’ve been told and the numbers seem to back that up). So here we are today, the breed has almost completely lost its variety in color.

Source: masakadoshiba.wordpress.com

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Any Shiba Inu owners?

I've googled info and read a lot but I was hoping to get some feedback from a Shiba Inu owner. We went to a shelter this evening to look at, what was listed as, an Akita but after seeing her I'm pretty sure the she's a Shiba mix.
To make a long story short, they are spaying her tomorrow so I will be bringing her home tomorrow evening. Is there anything in particular about the breed that I need to know? Anything to watch out for? Any common issues? We have an Akita already and it sounds like the Shiba temperament may be similar to the Akita's in a lot of ways.
Any advice that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


I wonder if the shiba and akita and chow have similar genetic codes when it comes to their personalities
my akitas were aloof to anyone outside of the family and people they bonded with, especially those first two years
the chow i'm fostering has so many similar characteristics
he is so respectful
such a gentleman
but i could see that his personality is similar to my akitas
with them our relationships were based on a mutual respect
even though other dogs respond to this
with akitas it was the basis for everything
if the shiba inu is at

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