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Difference Between the Akita & Akita Inu

February 17, 2014 – 02:22 pm

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Akitas and Akita Inus often are considered one breed of dog because they have similar names and similar characteristics. They are, however, actually two distinct breeds. The Akita is known as the American Akita. The Akita Inu is known as the Japanese Akita. While these breeds are similar, they have various differences including size, coloring, shape and personality.


The American Akita comes in may colors and patterns. Its breed standard does not designate any specific markings or patterns. As a result, many Akitas have facial masks or white blazes on the forehead. Sometimes the undercoat is a different color from the outer coat. Akita Inus, however, come only in brindle, white and red. Regardless of color, Akita Inus must have light cream or white undersides, starting underneath the chin all the way to the underside of the tail. The inner legs, sides of the muzzle and cheeks also must be light cream or white.


The American Akita is generally larger than the Akita Inu. Akita Inus are 23 to 25 inches in height for females, and 25 to 28 inches in height for males. American Akitas tend to be an inch taller for both males and females. Akita Inus range from 70 to 120 lbs., with the average weight at 85 lbs. for females and 100 lbs. for males. American Akitas range in weight from 70 to 130 lbs., with average weight at 90 lbs. for females and 115 lbs. for males.


Akitas and Akita Inus differ greatly in facial structure. The Akita has a broad head and small deep-set eyes. The Akita Inu, on the other hand, has a fox-like facial composition and almond eyes. The Akita Inu's ears are pointed in a forward slant while the Akita's ears are more erect. Body shape also is different between these two breeds. The Akita has a stocky, muscular appearance. The Akita Inu, while also muscular, has a more defined tuck up at the abdominal area, giving it a slimmer appearance.


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Akita Inu color clarification

Quoted from link below!
So just how do these dogs (Japanes and American Akita) differ? The differences are so great that it is very much like comparing Malamutes to Siberian Huskies. The Japanese dogs are not as large or massive and heavy boned as ours. They are square in proportion and have a much more pronounced tuckup. The head proportions are more 50/50 whereas our standard call for a 40/60 (as two is to three) ratio between muzzle and top skull. Our standard (American) allows all colors whereas the Japanese dogs are only allowed to be red, white or brindle with no pintos or black masks

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  • Avatar g_fox555 What kind of dog is this?
    Dec 27, 2010 by g_fox555 | Posted in Dogs

    Saw this dog on Dog Whisperer the other day. Would LOVE to know what breed it is. Thanks for any help! …d near another dog that was an Akita). didn't mean 3 feet. haha. Not sure what I was thinking. It wasp probably knee high.

    Have no clue why I typed that. oops. =D I am leaning towards IG.

    • It looks like a rare dog breed.

      It might be a Minister Pinscher / Italian Greyhound mix but I'm not sure.

  • Avatar James Is a Japanese Akita the Right Breed of Dog for Me?
    May 06, 2013 by James | Posted in Dogs

    I live in a three bedroom apartment with a small sized yard and I've been wanting a dog for a long time now. My dad asked the landlord about the pet policy, and it turns out that a Japanese Akita would be allowed. That b …d, I'm somewhat laid back and not too energetic, but I'm willing to give the dog a 45-and 60 minute walk a day, I have a toddler sister, and I know a lot about dog training, but I don't have a lot of experience doing it.

    • Yes, Japanese Akita, or Akita Inu is a breed in other countries. Only in the US and Canada is it simply called Akita.

      I would be worried about not giving the dog as much exercise as it needs. They aren't …career. There are some wonderful examples of Akitas out there, when bred properly and with the right family. In the wrong situation, you will end up with an aggressive, dominant, unruly dog that has taken over the house.