Akita inu dogs attacked and killed my puppy again

March 4, 2014 – 12:13 pm

pulce e morta nell'ultimo attaccoIt was around eight pm on the 24 of february, the Akita inu that once devoured my puppy two years ago, attacked and killed my one year old “pulce” who was the inseparable companion of my seven year old’ daughter.

Pulce died almost immediately leaving a sense of emptiness around, as she was deeply loved by everyone in the neighbour.

I sued the scumbags that own the Akita. The law here is not so good on terms of dog’s attacks, so it will all end up with a fine, and my nightmare to go on and on.

Be careful Akita Inu are not so good as they seem, they can turn into wild beasts… I have seen one of them as on the first attack I was trying to help one of my little dogs who was being bitten by one of them, to release her. I pounded the akita on the back as if it were the fight for my life, with a garden chair.

Moments later, the chair was destroyed on the dog’s back but he did not let it go these my friends are the true and real stories I had to put up with by dealing with such dogs.

They are indeed the stronger dogs we know of. But without any doubts they are the most dangerous I have seen alive.

Gli Akita del vicino mi hanno sbranato (per la seconda volta ) il piccolo meticcio di famiglia. Anche se due anni fa era stata presentata regolare denuncia ai carabinieri per la morte di un altro cagnolino di famiglia dell’età di undici anni, i vicini sono stati multati con un’ammenda di pochi euro….ed eccoli riapparire come un incubo infinito dopo due anni a sbranare Pulce un simpatico meticcio di poco più di un anno, gioia di tutti i bimbi che lo incontravano grrazie al suo carattere dolce e giocherellone, e alla sua piccola stazza che lo faceva assomigliare più ad un peluche che ad un cagnolino vero.

Source: piodalcin.wordpress.com

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Akita Inu color clarification

Quoted from link below!
So just how do these dogs (Japanes and American Akita) differ? The differences are so great that it is very much like comparing Malamutes to Siberian Huskies. The Japanese dogs are not as large or massive and heavy boned as ours. They are square in proportion and have a much more pronounced tuckup. The head proportions are more 50/50 whereas our standard call for a 40/60 (as two is to three) ratio between muzzle and top skull. Our standard (American) allows all colors whereas the Japanese dogs are only allowed to be red, white or brindle with no pintos or black masks

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