Nelly-No-Name – 20 week old female Akita cross Rottweiler

March 22, 2014 – 08:30 am

Nelly-no-name (we’ll update you once she gets one) is a 20 week old Female Akita cross Rottweiler who has come to us with her two sisters. They are all very friendly, cheerful little girls who have settled straight away with the resident male and female dogs, cats and children. None have ever been on a leash before and the team are working to get them out and about and socialised over the coming weeks. The girls will be microchipped and vaccinated before they leave us, and have already been worm and flea treated.

The girls are going to be huge, and despite their current cute appearance will require steady guidance and training as they grow to ensure they become large breed ambassadors. You will need to have sourced a reputable local trainer before applying to adopt.


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Akita mix

At first I wanted to say chow. I see asian dog in there. But the brindling, the muzzle and coat suggest an akita blend here. Shelter workers often call a dog a terrier mix or a shepherd mix because they haven't figured out the subtler signs of certain breed mixes. Here in CA, we get all kinds of exotic and rare breeds and mixes.
Akitas are wonderful, very relational and tend to be a bit "stubborn" (independent) with anyone other than the owners. Get him lots of social experiences. He's a cutey!

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