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March 23, 2014 – 06:44 am

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The Labrador Retriever is America's most popular breed. The sad side of that distinction is that our shelters are full of dogs that either have some Labrador in their heritage, or are mistaken for Lab crosses because they have a few characteristics of the Lab. Many black dogs are called Lab crosses simply because of their color.

Mixes also present a challenge to LABMED because it is impossible to determine a dog's true heritage simply from looking at pictures of the dog. A dog with very little Labrador blood could look very much like a Lab. A dog with one Lab parent could look only like the other parent. Because of this, LABMED's members must make some hard decisions regarding mixes. We can only look at the dog before us and make a subjective judgement as to whether the dog looks like a Labrador or Labrador mix.

It is not LABMED's intention to try to definitively determine whether or not a dog has "some" Labrador blood. Rather, our guidelines limit us to funding dogs that have strong Labrador characteristics. The dog must, in the opinion of the LABMED Board, resemble a Lab more than it resembles any other breed. This is not an easy distinction, and each LABMED member will vote their own conscience on each Labrador Mix that is presented to us for funding.

LABMED members will not be looking for perfect Labrador traits, but they will be looking for characteristics that are within a typical range. Following are some considerations that will be used by LABMED to come to a decision on a mixed breed. Characteristics in bold are likely to disqualify...

Source: www.labmed.org

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Most of the people who breed dogs that are

As the OP so quaintly put it - are well aware that there is a homeless pet situation.
What many in the rescue world don't realize that there isn't UNIVIERSALLY an overabundance of pups - or of many purebreds.....(Some areas have very, very few puppies for adoption)
Therefore - I refer back to my previous point that all dogs are not interchangeable.
I suppose someone who decides to get a puppy f(or the first or second time in their life) MIGHT easily be persuaded to adopt a 1-1/2 year old black lab/gsd/dobe/akita mix - instead of the pug puppy they were envisioning - but perhaps wouldn't

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