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October 18, 2014 – 12:01 pm

Akita Mix Puppies for Sale in


A 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization devoted to the Akita breed.

It is The AKITA WELFARE LEAGUE'S focus, to seek and support ways to benefit all Akitas.

In the area of abandonment, AWL is working to enhance the effectiveness of rescue efforts by: ensuring better ownership practices through education; supporting the highly qualified research foundations currently working to find the breakthroughs which will enable the Akita fancy to either eliminate or better control many of the devastating medical problems plaguing the breed; additionally, when financially possible, give assistance to other worthy organizations working for the welfare of the Akita, that maintain a non-profit status.

Directed by Judy King and Pam Claridge Tobin, the two originally began their rescue efforts in Arizona in the mid 1980s, and in 1987 joined with the national Akita rescue organization; ARSA, becoming ARSA-AZ. Hundreds of Akitas were rescued during those years of total devotion to rescue, which continued up to 1995, at which time both Co-Directors relocated from the busy, hectic pace dictated by living in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, to the peaceful tranquility of rural living.but 1500 miles apart. Judy, husband and four legged kids headed to the northern Arizona forest, whereas Pam, hubby and four legged kids headed much farther north to the forest of northern Montana. This major life change forced them to seek a new direction with their rescue work, if they were to continue helping Akitas, as they wished. Since their relocation, the organization has been reformatted to focus rescue efforts on prevention. With this new direction came the name change to AKITA WELFARE LEAGUE, INC.

With this new direction as our focus, it is AWL's wish, that we may all have the privilege of enjoyably sharing our lives with healthy Akitas.

Source: www.natural-akita.com

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Most of the people who breed dogs that are

As the OP so quaintly put it - are well aware that there is a homeless pet situation.
What many in the rescue world don't realize that there isn't UNIVIERSALLY an overabundance of pups - or of many purebreds.....(Some areas have very, very few puppies for adoption)
Therefore - I refer back to my previous point that all dogs are not interchangeable.
I suppose someone who decides to get a puppy f(or the first or second time in their life) MIGHT easily be persuaded to adopt a 1-1/2 year old black lab/gsd/dobe/akita mix - instead of the pug puppy they were envisioning - but perhaps wouldn't

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  • Avatar g_fox555 What kind of dog is this?
    Dec 27, 2010 by g_fox555 | Posted in Dogs

    Saw this dog on Dog Whisperer the other day. Would LOVE to know what breed it is. Thanks for any help!
    http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a26/GFox5/IMAG02 …d near another dog that was an Akita).
    Wow...so didn't mean 3 feet. haha. Not sure what I was thinking. It wasp probably knee high.

    Have no clue why I typed that. oops. =D I am leaning towards IG.

    • It looks like a rare dog breed.

      It might be a Minister Pinscher / Italian Greyhound mix but I'm not sure.