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Sam's Info...

I am already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and not good with cats.

Sam's Story...
If interested in adopting Sam, contact jaclyn: or (310)995-0706
Sam is a two year old affectionate shepherd mix who was neglected by his owners in their backyard. Sam was rescued just before being dumped at the carson shelter and is now in a foster home. Sam is a very playful and happy boy and loves human attention. He likes to play with other dogs and is a quick learner. Though he has lived outside his whole life, Sam has learned potty training very quickly and knows how to sit and shake his paw. He would be a great hiking partner and loves to play with his ball. He is neutered and up to date with his vaccines,
If interested in adopting Sam, contact Jaclyn: or (310)995-0706

About Our Rescue Group...

We are a team of independent rescuers who's main goal is to rescue dogs from the shelter/streets or bad situations and find them loving homes where they will be part of the family and get spoiled rotten!!!
There are no words for the feeling we get when one of our rescues gets his or her forever home. No-one can understand until they do rescue.

Come Meet Our Pets...

We do mainly private adoptions from Petfinder and Adopt A Pet but also join other groups in adoption days in Sherman Oaks, the Pacific Palisades or Larchmont Village. We also make fliers if need be.

Our Adoption Process...

We start with an adoption application form, home-check and contract stating if the dog needs to be returned he/she comes back to us and NOT the shelter.


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I was asked if I would like a Chow/akita mix

I got an email last night asking if I'd like to take in a chow/akita mix pup they are 8wks old. I was reading up to see if they'd make a good fit for our house as we have 3kids (14,8, and a 2y/o)
I found this on a website and was wondering if it was true that they are on the most dangerous dogs list.
Attorney Kenneth Phillips' reply to the foregoing email message:
The answer is that yes, there is a substantial risk of a future attack or series of attacks by this dog.
A chow akita mix would be one of the most dangerous dogs in the world

I had a Chow/Akita mix

With severe separation anxiety. He tore up the blinds and EVERYTHING he could get to (even in the car where he tore the panel off a couple doors and took chunks out of my seat). Unfortunately he never did get over the anxiety of being left alone (even with a trainers help). My mother-in-law got a wire crate for him (which he could get out of with ease!!), I hope your dog can get over it though. Putting the dog in his/her 'cave' (crate) is the best way to start out as he/she will feel safer and may end up going there every time you leave even when over the anxiety. I would also suggest talking with your vet

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  • Avatar g_fox555 What kind of dog is this?
    Dec 27, 2010 by g_fox555 | Posted in Dogs

    Saw this dog on Dog Whisperer the other day. Would LOVE to know what breed it is. Thanks for any help! …d near another dog that was an Akita). didn't mean 3 feet. haha. Not sure what I was thinking. It wasp probably knee high.

    Have no clue why I typed that. oops. =D I am leaning towards IG.

    • It looks like a rare dog breed.

      It might be a Minister Pinscher / Italian Greyhound mix but I'm not sure.

  • Avatar James Is a Japanese Akita the Right Breed of Dog for Me?
    May 06, 2013 by James | Posted in Dogs

    I live in a three bedroom apartment with a small sized yard and I've been wanting a dog for a long time now. My dad asked the landlord about the pet policy, and it turns out that a Japanese Akita would be allowed. That b …d, I'm somewhat laid back and not too energetic, but I'm willing to give the dog a 45-and 60 minute walk a day, I have a toddler sister, and I know a lot about dog training, but I don't have a lot of experience doing it.

    • Yes, Japanese Akita, or Akita Inu is a breed in other countries. Only in the US and Canada is it simply called Akita.

      I would be worried about not giving the dog as much exercise as it needs. They aren't …career. There are some wonderful examples of Akitas out there, when bred properly and with the right family. In the wrong situation, you will end up with an aggressive, dominant, unruly dog that has taken over the house.

  • Avatar vagabond Wolf, coyote and fox as pets?
    Feb 10, 2011 by vagabond | Posted in Other - Pets

    Why is it illegal to keep these animals as pets?

    Shiba Inu, Saarloos Wolfhound, Akita, Belgian Maliois, Shiloh Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Swedish Vallhund, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and shepherds all resemble a …ow the difference if you did have one?

    I am also confused about the fox since it looks like a dog, and some look like cats. Has anyone ever mated a dog with a fox? And why is it illegal to keep them as pets?

    • Because these are animals that you can never successfully train. They are also carriers of rabies, and can revert to their wild ways in an instant. . They are also nocturnal, and liable to attack people. You need to see a wolf for real if you think you can restrain one on a leash. They will also attack other cats and dogs in your neighberhood because they are born killers