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Dog Breed Profile: Are Akita Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

October 4, 2014 – 10:28 am

Australian Shepherd Mix

Akita Shepherds were born of the recent interest in crossing purebred dogs to create designer dogs. The Akita Shepherd originated as a mix of purebred Akita and German Shepherd.

Akita Shepherd: Combination Dog Breed of Akita and German Shepherd
Akita's are beautiful dogs. They are a hearty and strong breed, that looks fuzzy and hugable. The look of the Akita comes from the double coat, making it an ideal outdoor dog.

One of the benefits of breeding the Akita with the German Shepherd is the combination of a thicker coat and broader build of the Akita with the powerful German Shepherd, making Akita Shepherds very sturdy animals.

German Shepherds are also know for their strength, but as they grow into adult dogs they are plain looking, but loyal dogs. They protect their family and are known for speed and strength.

The combination of the dog breeds was an attempt to create a dog with the loyalty and obedience of a german shepherd, but the temperament and adorable look and feel of the Akita. This is why many people consider this kind of breeding designer dog breeding.

Others consider the combination of dog breeds a benefit in that certain deficient genes are bred out of the gene pool by mixing two purebreds. That is not necessarily true, as the defect could arise in future generations according to Mendel's simple laws of genetics.

Are Akita Shepherds a Good Dog Breed for a Family?
Whether Akita Shepherds are a good dog breed for your family or not depends on your willingness to train a dog and be consistent in commanding obedience, your interaction with the dog as a puppy or the dog's early life if you do not acquire the Akita as a puppy, and your willingness to accept the dog as part of your pack.

Akita Shepherds are fiercly loyal and will protect their family. The downside of their loyalty is that they may take it too far. For example, if your kids play with other children, an Akita Shepherd might percieve that as a threat and attack, bite, or try to fend off the other children.

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A lot of mixed breeds are

... many generations of mutt. There comes a point where it doesn't really make much difference what the original breeds were that went into your dog; his DNA will be too watered down to retain any definitive markers of a breed. The good news is that these are some of the best dogs out there- with great personalities and fewer health problems in general.
I would avoid saying Akita mix because (last time I checked- which was a while ago) they were on a few homeowner's insurance policies s#!t list. I would probably just call him a "shepherd mix" not a GSD mix but the very generic term "shepherd

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