tosa akita inu mixed breed dog

October 8, 2014 – 11:04 am

tosa akita inu dogGroup: mixed breed
height: 29" /73.66cmweight: 132.28lbs / 60 kg name: Zak sex: m colors: tricolor physical traits: very large and powerful breed mixes: Japanese Tosa,Akita Inu hair type: double-coated personality/
temperament: alert and playful,aloof with strangers. good with other dogs and kids maintenance/
special needs: regular exercise,groom once a week. feed twice daily nicknames:
identifying traits: birthday (if known): Dec 4 favorite friends: 3 black german shepherds favorite activities: chasing rabbits favorite foods: cheese and ham sandwiches favorite attire: good with kids? yes,always supervise was this dog rescued? no


Greta & Hoss, Cookin' Up a Storm, The Escape Artist
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Its seriously getting WAY WAY out of control here---
Beautiful 2 year old lab/collie looking for a mate. White with cream strip going down her back, and two strips on each side. 50lbs Very smart and well behaved. Male must be 50+lbs, Dobie, white Akita, or a half (or higher) timber wolf mix. Puppies will be free, and owner of the male will get 2nd pick of the litter.
This dog is the start of a new breed of guard dog. This breed will be very fast, smart, powerful, and knows when to be gentle around kids. All the breeds in this line so far are lab/akita/rotty/collie/ and half wolf

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