Akita Puppies for Sale in Colorado

May 7, 2014 – 05:49 am

Akita Puppies for Sale


Overview: The Akita breed is designated as a national treasure in the country of Japan. This versatile breed is large and muscular with a dignified appearance. The thick coat needs daily brushing. Sometimes referred to in its native country as the Silent Hunter, Akitas aren’t known to be active barkers but do make excellent watchdogs and protectors. They were originally bred to be hunters but do well in the show ring as well as therapy dogs. Akitas are known to have moderate energy, enjoy playing, and are affectionate and friendly both to their humans and other animals.

Temperament: Common among the spitz breeds are the characteristics of independence, courage, tenacity and stubbornness, all of which this breed tends toward. Owners who are willing to take firm control of this breed will be rewarded with a loyal, affectionate and protective companion. Obedience training is beneficial in helping moderate the less than desirable behavior traits.

History: Originally bred as hunting dogs in Japan during the 18th century. The story is told of a nobleman who was forced to leave his home area and exiled on the island of Honshu in an area of harsh topography and cold winters, Akita Prefecture. He, along with landowners of the area, worked to create breed of dog that would be a strong hunter of game and resilient to the challenging winters. During the late 19th Century, the Akita was included in dog fighting and some cross breeding was done to enhance the fighting abilities. During the late 1920s, a move to preserve the original Akita resulted in the formation of Akita-inu Hozankai Society of Japan. The breed came to the attention of dog lovers in the United States when Helen Keller brought one after a trip to Japan in 1937. After World War II, some American soldiers brought home Akitas. The breed has grown in popularity in the ensuing years. Akitas are used in security work and police work in Japan.

Source: pupsusa.com

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We're not just talking about pit bulls. Look at the recent attacks:
-rotties in Monterey
-rottie/pug mixes (forgot where)
-a doberman in Salinas
-presa canerios
-a pack of mixed breeds (this was a story last year, a boy attacked by 19 roaming mutts)
-pit bulls
-an akita in Alameda right after diane whipple (didn't hear much about that one, huh? Sent two people to the hospital, a teenage boy and an adult woman)
-a golden retriever/lab mix in Marin last year(again, didn't hear much about that one, ripped a teenage girls lip and cheek nearly off. Dis prolly has the link)
-a pomeranian that killed a baby in SoCal about two years...

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