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August 22, 2013 – 09:42 am

Our New Akita Puppy (Fergie)

The name 'Husky' is thought to be a word skimmed of 'Eskimo' or 'Esky', which were names once applied to the indigenous peoples of the far northern regions of Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Siberia. This dog breed is thought to be one of the oldest breeds in the world and was pivotal to the survival of these people in the inhospitable regions of the world.

Siberian Husky History

The Siberian Husky was bred for the sled! This high stamina dog was a lifeline for the indigenous people who populated the vast, frozen tracts of the north and it was bred for that most specific of jobs - to pull a sled and provide transportation.

Analysis of the DNA of Huskies, as they are simply known, has proved that they are one of the oldest known breeds of dog from research undertaken in 2006 (along with another 13 breeds of dog described as 'ancient breeds'). This means in essence, that these breeds have the fewest differences, at a genetic or phenotype level (the physical traits influenced by environment), from wolves. This does not mean they are wolves or any type of wolf-dog hybrid (as all breeds of dog from the smallest to the largest share DNA with wolves) more that the physical make up of them is simply the best solution to the problem of Arctic conditions, similar to wolf habitats The Siberian Husky, along with some other northern breeds, did not evolve very much past that phenotype, as other physical traits would not help survive the weather.

Siberian Husky Appearance

Average height to the withers: Many people comment on Siberian Huskies being smaller than they imagined with males being between 21-24 inches and females between 20-22 inches.

Average weight: Males between 23-34kg and females between 17-27kg.

Belonging to the 'Spitz' family of dogs, the Siberian Husky shares quite a few physical traits with the Akita, Samoyed and Malamute, all hardy northern bred dogs. The appearance of this dog is all thanks to the conditions it had to work and survive in.

The thick, waterproof double coat is able to withstand temperatures as low as -50 °C. The coat should not be overly long as this is considered a fault by breed standards. The tail is bushy, curled and used to cover the nose and face while sleeping to provide extra warmth. The coat can be a variety of colours ranging from a pure white, gray, red, sable, agouti (a rare colour when the guard or outer layer of hair is banded with black near the root and at the tip with a yellow or beige band at the centre), black and black and white. One very notable feature of this breed is the hypnotic and breathtaking eyes they possess. The eyes are almond shaped and set equally in the face but come in varied tones of copper, chocolate brown or an icy cool blue. In some dogs, one eye may be brown and the other blue (a trait known as heterochromia), or one or both eyes may be part coloured, (half brown and half blue or partial heterochromia). Hetrochromia can also occur in other Spitz breeds and some others such as the Border Collie.

Some interesting facts about this dog are that it has a relatively long nose which enables the air to be warmed before it reaches the lungs and like some other Spitz types, it has developed a seasonal accumulation of oil around the eyes/eyebrows which ensure that snow cannot stick to its eye area when it moves and shakes it head.

Source: www.pets4homes.co.uk

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I am so sorry for your loss.

I have had a few special dogs in my lifetime that were wonderful friends. When my last akita Bear died I would wake up in the wee hours and sob. I missed him so. He was just eight when he died of anal gland cancer. All I felt for the longest time was I just want him back.
That was when I found this room and received so much comfort. After a couple of months I started fostering dogs and that helped.
Now I have a new akita puppy named Coco that is a joy to my heart.
I still think of Bear everyday. And Angel, the akita I shared life with before Bear

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