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January 19, 2014 – 12:22 pm

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog in Philadelphia

Looking for things to do with your new canine companion in the Philadelphia area? Get to know the history of your hometown with a free walking tour from Free Tours by Foot. You’ll hear fun trivia, anecdotes, and secrets about the city on the Freedom Rings two-hour tour. From Washington to Jefferson, stories about the important men and women who shaped our nation’s history are featured on the free tour. See sites like Congress Hall, Declaration House, the Liberty Bell, and others.

You may be in the city, but the great outdoors in Philly is full of dog parks. A local favorite is Schuylkill River Park Dog Run which offers pups a shaded, enclosed dog run, and owners a place to relax while their canine companions enjoy respite from city life. This little oasis along the river has a connector bridge where you can look down at the doggies as they play fetch. It even has K9Grass designed just for dogs with durable blades and antimicrobial protection.

If you are looking for some extra exercise for Fido, Wissahickon Valley – Fairmont Park is close to Philadelphia’s Center City. This gem, also called Forbidden Drive, is a dog-friendly 7-mile loop trail from Valley Green. Check out the red covered bridge and small waterfalls along the way. If you visit in the fall, Fido will love the changing of the leaves. Let your four-legged friend chase some geese behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art at the Water Works in Fairmount Park. Take in the scenery as you walk along the Schuylkill River and see Boathouse Row. For more ideas on things to do with your dog in the Philadelphia area, visit the Dog Owner’s Guide to Philadelphia on

Philadelphia Dog Rescues & Shelters

The Top 5 Reasons to Adopt, Rather than Buy a Dog or Puppy for Sale in Philadelphia.

  1. Finding the Best Match - Luckily, when you decide you want to add a furry member to your family, you have many dogs to choose from. Dogs and puppies of different breeds come with genetic tendencies that vary between breeds. More importantly, they also have distinct personalities, as each is an individual! It is common for rescuers and animal shelter staff and volunteers to already know the personality and tendencies of many of their dogs and puppies. This means they can better match up your requirements and lifestyle with the ideal dog or puppy. When searching for...


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I am so sorry for your loss.

I have had a few special dogs in my lifetime that were wonderful friends. When my last akita Bear died I would wake up in the wee hours and sob. I missed him so. He was just eight when he died of anal gland cancer. All I felt for the longest time was I just want him back.
That was when I found this room and received so much comfort. After a couple of months I started fostering dogs and that helped.
Now I have a new akita puppy named Coco that is a joy to my heart.
I still think of Bear everyday. And Angel, the akita I shared life with before Bear

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