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Huskita (Husky x Akita) Puppies For Sale £280 Rotherham

September 11, 2014 – 07:01 am

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We now have only 1 Huskita pups left for sale – just 1 boy is still available.

He is now 5 months old (12/04/14) & ready to leave for his forever home. he has been wormed and health checked and will come with a weeks worth of food.

He is now micro-chipped and had full vaccinations.

He is ¾ Siberian Husky x ¼ Akita and both parents can be seen as they are family pets. Pictures of previous litter can also be seen.

We are now asking £280 each (reduced from £320).

Colours available: 1 boy Black/White with Gray features.

Mum is a Huskita with Ice-Blue eyes.

Dad is a Pure “Red” Copper Siberian Husky and although none of them have the Copper colouring (besides the Ginger tints), they should carry the Copper gene, which means if they were to be bred with another with the Copper gene, there’s a good chance the offspring may be Coppers.

Please call to arrange a visit or for more information. We would like to vet all potential new owners and reserve the right to refuse to let pups go to un-suitable homes.

Source: www.gumtree.com

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I am so sorry for your loss.

I have had a few special dogs in my lifetime that were wonderful friends. When my last akita Bear died I would wake up in the wee hours and sob. I missed him so. He was just eight when he died of anal gland cancer. All I felt for the longest time was I just want him back.
That was when I found this room and received so much comfort. After a couple of months I started fostering dogs and that helped.
Now I have a new akita puppy named Coco that is a joy to my heart.
I still think of Bear everyday. And Angel, the akita I shared life with before Bear

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  • Avatar Mike Akita breeders near me? please help.?
    Jun 04, 2011 by Mike | Posted in Dogs

    I live in Massachusetts. I need to know some akita breeders near me. Preferably in my state or ones near me like New Hampshire. Thank you for whoever helps me.

    • Your state but a word of advise, most decent Akita breeders wont sell to people without Akita experience so hopefully you've owned them before.

  • Avatar Cj At what age is a puppy no longer considered a puppy, and is now a dog?
    Aug 29, 2008 by Cj | Posted in Dogs

    Also what age is a dog fully grown? If the breed matters I'm refering to an Akita

    • They stop 'getting taller' at 12 or 18 months of age. (Normally depending on the breed) then start to 'fill out'. (By this, I mean that they'll 'bulk up', that.s the best way I can explain it.)