Akita Puppies, Washington State

Washington Akita Group, Inc

October 16, 2014 – 11:48 am

ShowKayce Akitas, Akita

Washington Akita Group, Inc. (WAG) is a small group of concerned Akita people dedicated to the rescue and placement of orphaned Akitas in Eastern and Central Washington State (other areas in the Pacific Northwest as foster or kennel space allows). Our primary mission is to find good homes for abandoned Akitas, most coming from local animal shelters after being found as strays or given up to shelters by their owners. We DO NOT take dogs directly from an owner except under extraordinary conditions. We help transition the dogs into their new homes by providing proper nutrition, veterinary care, grooming, socialization and love before placement. We offer support for Akita owners and education for our communities about the Akita as a breed and the need for responsible dog ownership.

Source: washingtonakitagroup.com

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Looks like a mix

American Akitas are actually more heavily built and blocky than the oriental variety and that dog is badly lacking face structure and bone, those wrists look down right tiny and so do the paws, eye shape is also incorrect and a red nose is a MAJOR fault in a puppy. Heres a well bred 12 week old American Akita.

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