Akita Temperament

October 25, 2014 – 01:11 pm

Some say that they are in independent, and while this may be technically true in some aspects they do require human companionship. They crave interaction. They crave closeness. The main element of temperament that an owner will come to understand is that they will not paw at you relentlessly for attention like other breeds may, however an Akita will calmly lie down on the floor to be in the same room as you, and even if you think that they are not paying attention to anything at all, he is listening for any noises that you are making, he is sensing any of you movements….And when you get up to go into another room, as your best friend and devoted companion, he will be up and following you within seconds.

They are not habitual barkers, but due to their sensitivity to unfamiliar sounds, animals or people, they will aggressively bark at what they consider to be a threat to themselves, you or what they consider to be their territory.

Some worry about how this breed will react when you have company over. Will it be a problem? The Akita temperament allows the dog to sense when someone is not welcome or when you are happy to allow a visitor into the home.

Even when confronted by a threat, they will often act with restraint, only dishing out the minimum force needed. For example, if a prowler were to be on the properly, the Akita may circle him and not allow him to escape, nipping if he should try. He may circle for quite a bit of time, until his human comes to resolve the situation. Do keep in mind that this is an example of how this breed can have control even during a stressful time…And that an intruder may, instead, be bitten before he knows what hit him. Provide the proper guidance and environment to control .

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I got to go visist Napa's foster puppies today, what a treat! I would definately say that there was more than one father of this litter, so much variety in size, coat, color, shape, etc. Good thing I can't have one, I couldn't choose! I think my fave was the little black shortcoat female, she looked velveteen! Her and the big chocolate tri male "Raymond" who is also Napa's fave. I also got to meet mom. She looks 100% pitty to me, what a doll! Such a great temperament too. I took a LOT of pics, so here is the first half:
Puppy #1 (looked very Akita-ish, very dense coat, great smut

My guy is an Akita/GSD but all Akita

In temperament. Even if you adopt a puppy, it won't ensure that your Akita will do well with your other resident animals.
No matter what you do, they generally will NOT do well with same sex dogs. You also have to be careful about human aggression too. Socializing at a young age is extremely important, but you will still need to be careful about "introducing" new people to the dog.
They are very aloof and typically not at all snuggly. Not a dog that should be left outside alone as they need lots of human interaction or are very likely to become aggressive.

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