Toilet training puppies

November 2, 2013 – 02:27 pm

A house trained puppyRoyvon puppy toilet training is a specialist residential service that is for toilet training puppies as well as house training dogs. Toilet training a puppy does require the dog to be under supervision at all times, therefore we have found the most effective method of house training a dog, or toilet training puppies, is for the dogs to live 'At Home' with one of our professional canine trainers.

Although any number of days can be booked, when house training a puppy we recommend a 10 to 14 day stay as a minimum as this duration of time allows a proper routine to be developed.

"At Home" puppy toilet training is charged at 55.00 + VAT per day and includes obedience training and crate training.

Owners will receive a comprehensive written puppy toilet training document on exactly what house training routine has been established and what reinforcement methods have been used. This will allow for successful continuation of the puppy toilet training upon their return home.


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akita inu puppies of Badja Magda


I got to go visist Napa's foster puppies today, what a treat! I would definately say that there was more than one father of this litter, so much variety in size, coat, color, shape, etc. Good thing I can't have one, I couldn't choose! I think my fave was the little black shortcoat female, she looked velveteen! Her and the big chocolate tri male "Raymond" who is also Napa's fave. I also got to meet mom. She looks 100% pitty to me, what a doll! Such a great temperament too. I took a LOT of pics, so here is the first half:
Puppy #1 (looked very Akita-ish, very dense coat, great smut

My guy is an Akita/GSD but all Akita

In temperament. Even if you adopt a puppy, it won't ensure that your Akita will do well with your other resident animals.
No matter what you do, they generally will NOT do well with same sex dogs. You also have to be careful about human aggression too. Socializing at a young age is extremely important, but you will still need to be careful about "introducing" new people to the dog.
They are very aloof and typically not at all snuggly. Not a dog that should be left outside alone as they need lots of human interaction or are very likely to become aggressive.

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  • Avatar [=+||Chellez||(Mew)+=] SOME PLEASE HELP! PUPPY TOILET TRAINING!?
    Jan 05, 2010 by [=+||Chellez||(Mew)+=] | Posted in Dogs

    Last night i bought an akita x german shepherd pup. Apparently he wouldn't pee or poop in the garden because his dad was always out there and he was scared of him as his dad would attack him. He's 10 weeks old. I'm takin …ook him out for about 20 minutes, he wouldn't do anything then she came in and within 10 seconds he peed on the carpet. It's causing huge arguments can someone please help me by giving me ideas as to how i can stop this?

    • Well, the second he peed, you should have been clapping loudly to distract him, then scooping him up and racing him outside. He won't pee ON you when you pick him up. You are doing the right thing taking him out after me …e crate training. It makes things so much crated our last two (including a dog we got at two years of age) and it was just so much easier. We still had a few accidents with the puppy, but she picked it up really quickly.

  • Avatar jono Next year my family and I of getting a Akita puppy. Are pill bull Germain Shepperd mix?
    Jul 26, 2007 by jono | Posted in Dogs

    Just died a few mounths ago he lived for about 20 years. He was well trained and very protective. We were thinking of getting an Akita puppy because it said to have some of the same qualities. Has anyone had or have one of these and can tell me why there goood to get or why i shouldent get one. Or if anyones had some bad experiences.

    • Akitas were NOT bred for fighting, it was western soldiers that went into japan that got the japanese trying to fight with this breed, but it did not last long as they were quite useless at it.......BAD MYTH!

      Good luck with your decision, if you prepare well, and train well you can end up with a companion like no other.