Akita Puppy Pictures

January 6, 2014 – 09:15 am

Akita puppy pictures- beautifull white AkitaHave you had a hard time finding good Akita puppy pictures? We have located some beautiful pics of this hearty Japanese breed, recognized as part of the American Kennel Club's Working Dog Group.

Akitas are sometimes referred to as Akita-inu and originally were large game hunters and, unfortunately, in centuries past were used in dog fighting.

Akita puppy pictures- pup and parent dog play together.As puppies, they cute little fluffy bundles of adorable-ness! See the pictures below and let us know which of the Akita puppy pictures you like best.

Did you know that Helen Keller is credited with introducing the Akita breed to the United States? She brought one back with her from Japan in 1937.Akita puppy pictures- cute brown and white Akita puppy Many who also fought over in Japan and were the Army of Occupation after World War II also brought the Akita back home with them, naking this breed popular enough to be recognized as a registered AKC breed.

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Akita puppies should be socialized at a very early age, as their nature is to be independent and aloof. Be very careful to work with your Akita puppy and expose him to many differnet people and other dogs, and you can help to overcome their stand-offish nature.

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We just a got a8 week old border collie puppy 2 weeks ago....we were told they were purebred (no papers) but they were free....the puppy we got is all white but black on her faice and then a black ring around her tail.
Her tail when she is walking curls all the way touching her back like an akita...is this just a flaw or is she probably mixed?

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Sorry this might be a tad bit long.
My husband and I are thinking about getting a puppy here in the near future. We would like it young so we could teach it and take care of it ourselves.
I looked up certain breeds we are interested in and I have researched each individually, but of course I would like to know what others think of them.
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Collie (not border just regular collie)
If you had/have any of these, what would you say were their best qualities? And what were some difficulties that you might of had.
Like I said I have looked them up

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