Male Akita puppy names

Best Japanese Dog Names For A Tosa, Akita, Or Shiba Inu

April 24, 2013 – 07:30 am

Home trained male and female

Are you looking for an authentic Japanese name for your authentic Japanese dog?

The Shiba Inu was bred to hunt small game, the Akita was bred to hunt large game like boar, and the Tosa? The Tosa is so big that all he is good for is pushing around other dogs in the ring. They may vary in size, and they may vary in purpose, but they are all Japanese, and all of these names are great for Japanese dogs.

This list contains mostly names with two syllables, and a few with one syllable. There are a lot of Japanese names with three and four syllables—fine but nothing you should expect a dog to answer to during training. If you want one of those names you´ll need to look elsewhere.

If you want an authentic Japanese name here are some good choices. First on the list are some great Japanese names that are given to boys and girls. The Japanese word is on the left (in bold) and the English translation is on the right.

· Hiro: This means generous.

· Kin: Gold

· Masa: Elegant


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We just a got a8 week old border collie puppy 2 weeks ago....we were told they were purebred (no papers) but they were free....the puppy we got is all white but black on her faice and then a black ring around her tail.
Her tail when she is walking curls all the way touching her back like an this just a flaw or is she probably mixed?

Opinions about certain dogs..

Sorry this might be a tad bit long.
My husband and I are thinking about getting a puppy here in the near future. We would like it young so we could teach it and take care of it ourselves.
I looked up certain breeds we are interested in and I have researched each individually, but of course I would like to know what others think of them.
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  • Avatar Chelsea Where can I find Akita x German Shepherd puppy?
    Aug 03, 2010 by Chelsea | Posted in Dogs

    I am looking for an Akita x German Shepherd puppy (preferably pick of the litter) from London or other areas close by.
    I am an experienced dog owner therefore DO NOT leave comments of your unwanted opinions (e.g. how this is irresponsible)
    I won't even bother to glance at such 'answers', so in other words do not waste your time.

    • Perhaps if you were to explain why you wanted that particular cross, we'd be better able to help you. I'm not aware of any reason why anybody would deliberately cross those two breeds, so you're probably reduced to looking around for accidental matings.

  • Avatar TVD How to socialise my 11 Month old Akita x German Shepherd Puppy?
    Oct 23, 2012 by TVD | Posted in Dogs

    My pup used to get on great with all other dogs until he was 7 months old and a big labrador attacked him, since then everytime he sees another dog he tries to attack them! He even sees people as a threat which is hard t … them. My puppy was the same up until he was attacked so i know this is what has caused it.

    Being with the other 2 dogs also doesnt help because they both join in which makes him worse and harder to control

    • You're going to need a behaviourist i think. also, it may not just be the laborador attack, akitas are a feisty and sometimes aggressive breed. maybe you can try to introduce him to other dogs with his two friends around so he feels more relaxed and safe. and follow the advice to keep them all on leashes and with lots of space, also usually on a neutral territory is best.