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June 23, 2014 – 02:45 pm

2 (japanese akita puppy

The Akita is a large, distinctive looking dog, which is well mannered and even tempered. You can expect to be surprised by the stunning intelligence, alertness and loyalty of the Akita. Despite its affectionate character, you will always feel safe if your Akita is guards your home and family.

Before falling in love with the look of the breed, try to understand its character and temperament. It needs a physically fit natural leader who is experienced in Working Dogs. If it is sufficiently exercised the Akita will do okay in an apartment but will do best with a large yard. If it matches your lifestyle, the Akita will be your guarding angel always ready to please you.

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E Litter (Akita Inu puppies for sale)
E Litter (Akita Inu puppies for sale)

Ok..I have to look up the Shizhund

I love the Shepards..especially the Belgians :)
9 yrs ago when I was first given the opportunity to select my 'dream dog' as a pet in our new home, I narrowed it down to 3 breeds.
The German Shepard,
The Akita,
& The Siberian Husky.
I think it was the independence and running amuck trait of the Husky that won over the other two for me.
That and I fell in love with the black masked blue eyed devil pup I ended up getting :)
But they are all such beautiful animals aren't they? :)
Puppies are HELL..I wish you MUCH luck with the next couple years :P

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  • Avatar Chelsea Where can I find Akita x German Shepherd puppy?
    Aug 03, 2010 by Chelsea | Posted in Dogs

    I am looking for an Akita x German Shepherd puppy (preferably pick of the litter) from London or other areas close by.
    I am an experienced dog owner therefore DO NOT leave comments of your unwanted opinions (e.g. how this is irresponsible)
    I won't even bother to glance at such 'answers', so in other words do not waste your time.

    • Perhaps if you were to explain why you wanted that particular cross, we'd be better able to help you. I'm not aware of any reason why anybody would deliberately cross those two breeds, so you're probably reduced to looking around for accidental matings.