Akita Inu Temperament What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em

October 27, 2014 – 01:17 pm

Akita Inu dog breedThe Akita Inu is handsome, calm, dignified, clean (easy to housebreak), and quiet (seldom barks), so it's understandable that he might be viewed as a desirable pet.

However . . . the Akita Inu has a dominant, complex personality that makes him very challenging to raise.

Powerful, reserved with strangers, and protective, the Akita Inu must be accustomed to people at an early age so that his guarding instincts remain controlled rather than indiscriminate.

Akitas can be so aggressive with other dogs of the same sex that two males or two females should never be left alone together. The problem is that this breed can be difficult to "read" - often he does not "posture" (display obvious signs of aggression) - instead, an Akita Inu may co-exist peacefully with another dog until suddenly, apparently out of the blue, a minor disagreement occurs, or perhaps the other dog pushes the Akita too far or approaches the Akita's food bowl or favorite toy, and then the Akita may attack with unsuspected ferocity. Akitas can be very possessive of their food - keep children away from them during mealtime.

As you might guess, cats and other small animals are also at risk around an Akita. In general, it is simply safest to keep this breed as an only pet.

Training can be a challenge, for the Akita Inu is assertive, strong-willed, and bores easily, and he may use his intelligence in ways that suit his own purposes.

book coverYet owners who know how to lead will find him eminently trainable via praise and reward methods. This breed must be treated with respect - absolutely no teasing - but you must insist on respect in return or he will walk right over you. Akitas are not a good choice for a first-time dog owner.

Unlike many other large breeds, the Akita Inu doesn't require hours of running exercise. He does well with long brisk walks and an occasional vigorous run, especially in cold weather. Akitas LOVE snow and cold.

  • Is large, rugged, and powerful, with a wolf-like appearance
  • Has a thick coat that comes in many colors and patterns
  • Carries himself with a dignified, impressive presence
  • Looks imposing, so makes an effective deterrent
  • Doesn't need a great deal of exercise
  • Doesn't bark much - the "strong and silent" type
  • Isn't clingy or overly-dependent - prefers to stand on his own four feet
book cover book cover

Source: www.yourpurebredpuppy.com

Lindmaur Publishing How to House Train Your Akita Puppy
Book (Lindmaur Publishing)

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Any tips for an Akita puppy?

My boyfriend and I will be able to pick up our puppy on the 26th, and being first time akita owners (but not new to large breed dogs), we've done all the reading, and researching, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips about:
Training (I was thinking puppy obedience)
Socialization with dogs and cats (I have two cats, and I want to be able to get this down key, so there is no rock left unturned here)
Crate Training
Proper age to neuter
Anything else that might be pertinent, I guess I am just looking for possible first hand experiences to be better prepared when we finally bring him home, reading is all well and good but I didn't really find...

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  • Avatar Chelsea Where can I find Akita x German Shepherd puppy?
    Aug 03, 2010 by Chelsea | Posted in Dogs

    I am looking for an Akita x German Shepherd puppy (preferably pick of the litter) from London or other areas close by.
    I am an experienced dog owner therefore DO NOT leave comments of your unwanted opinions (e.g. how this is irresponsible)
    I won't even bother to glance at such 'answers', so in other words do not waste your time.

    • Perhaps if you were to explain why you wanted that particular cross, we'd be better able to help you. I'm not aware of any reason why anybody would deliberately cross those two breeds, so you're probably reduced to looking around for accidental matings.

  • Avatar TVD How to socialise my 11 Month old Akita x German Shepherd Puppy?
    Oct 23, 2012 by TVD | Posted in Dogs

    My pup used to get on great with all other dogs until he was 7 months old and a big labrador attacked him, since then everytime he sees another dog he tries to attack them! He even sees people as a threat which is hard t … them. My puppy was the same up until he was attacked so i know this is what has caused it.

    Being with the other 2 dogs also doesnt help because they both join in which makes him worse and harder to control

    • You're going to need a behaviourist i think. also, it may not just be the laborador attack, akitas are a feisty and sometimes aggressive breed. maybe you can try to introduce him to other dogs with his two friends around so he feels more relaxed and safe. and follow the advice to keep them all on leashes and with lots of space, also usually on a neutral territory is best.