Dan Danilo Akitas breeder of the American Akitas in Poland

March 1, 2014 – 07:13 am

Welcome to our home page.
We would like to share a little insight into who we are.

For many years our home and lives were filled with owning /loving/ showing Yorkshire Terriers, however, since 2005 we have also shared our home and our love with the American Akita, which has become just as much a part of our world and our life as the Yorkies.
Our dogs fill every moment of our day and our family life. We have two wonderful children, Gabriel and Jagna, who are also very much a part of daily life with our dogs both inside our home and outside in our garden.

We are committed to improving the breed and through our breeding we strive to improve what we feel are the three main factors to take into consideration when breeding dogs, particularly large breeds like the American Akita.Health. Conformation….Temperament
We pride ourselves in producing quality and not quantity. As we rarely breed, our matings are planned in advance to produce a litter of exceptional quality.
Our dogs have achieved many titles. International Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Hungary, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia, Lithuanian Winner, Polish Winner, Vilnius Cup Winner, Junior Winner of Sweden, Nordic Junior Winner, Junior Winner of Poland, V-ce World Junior Winner, BISS PUPPY, BISS BABY…As well as gaining titles our dogs have also gone onto compete for Best of Group and Best in Show...

Puppies with the Dan Danilo name are guaranteed to have quality, beauty and everything else that makes the American Akita such a majestic and dignified breed of dog...
As breeders of Dan Danilo puppies we can offer all the help and support you might require as an owner of one of our dogs. We are registered with the ZKWP (Polish Kennel Club, the only national organization recognized with the F.C.I.) We are members of the Warsaw branch where Justyna is a judge's assistant (specialization: 5th Group FCI, 5th section: Asian Spitz and related breeds).

Source: www.dandaniloakitas.com

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Akita from outside the US ( AKIHO Akita)

Japanese Akita can not have a black muzzel unless they are a Brindle. For more info look into Akiho Akitas. I have a pure white akita from outside the US. I could not get a quality Japanese (Akiho ) Akita in the US. Breeders suspect you will crossbreed with the American Akita. I have Had both types, one was a cross breed (tweeny). They are very different in body type. I prefer the Akiho Akita, the body type is better for longer life and less hip issues. Mokoto parrents are both champions, He was $1700 shipped from the Netherlands. go to akita-kennel.com for this breeder. No issuse in the shipping very easy

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