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July 26, 2014 – 11:18 pm

Dayami AkitasDayami Akitas

We are a small family show kennels located in Warwickshire, UK. We are a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder, all our breeding stock are hip scored, eye tested and DNA profiled. Our dogs are well socialised, it is most important to us to breed for quality and temperament.

Visit our website to see our show results and upcoming litter plans.

American Akita

Akita u Izis FCI - Akita Inu & Shikoku Kennel Akita u Izis FCI
Akita Inu & Shikoku Kennel

I have japan akita since 1997 (from Japan, Spain, England, Czech Republic) and japan shikoku since 2006 (only in Poland).

All my dogs are free from displasia and free from genetics eyes diseases. Puppies from my kennel live in UK, USA, Italy, Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Osterreich, Latvia and France.


Błękitny Pejzaż Akita Inu Kennel Błękitny Pejzaż - Akita Inu Kennel

I am greeting warmly! I am inviting all fans of the Akita Inu race to our Internet Akita Inu Poland Kennel - Błękitny Pejzaż page.

We possess the exquisite Akita Inu pair: KOFUKU Halne Wzgorze and ICHIBUSA Halne Wzgorze.

Akita inu Sensakura kennelAncestors of our Akita Inu pair are winners of the world inter alia and we are hoping that one's ancestors' races will inherit perfection and beauty our kids. Outstanding judicative estimations are gaining our Akita on displays.

See exhibition effects: KOFUKU Halne Wzgorze, ICHIBUSA Halne Wzgorze.
We are also inviting for: Of gallery of our photos Akita Inu; Debatable forum about the Akita Inu race.
Ania, Adam

SENSAKURA kennel - Akita inu

Sensakura (FCI) - kennel akita inu in Poland. We have excelent quality japan akitas!!! I welcome you on our website.

Source: www.eurobreeder.com

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American akita puppies in the pool 1

Akita from outside the US ( AKIHO Akita)

Japanese Akita can not have a black muzzel unless they are a Brindle. For more info look into Akiho Akitas. I have a pure white akita from outside the US. I could not get a quality Japanese (Akiho ) Akita in the US. Breeders suspect you will crossbreed with the American Akita. I have Had both types, one was a cross breed (tweeny). They are very different in body type. I prefer the Akiho Akita, the body type is better for longer life and less hip issues. Mokoto parrents are both champions, He was $1700 shipped from the Netherlands. go to akita-kennel.com for this breeder. No issuse in the shipping very easy

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  • Avatar Fereshte Are there any current Japanese Akita Inu breeders in the US?
    Apr 06, 2011 by Fereshte | Posted in Dogs

    I'm looking for an Akita Inu to the original Japanese standard, not the American Akita, which is so popular in the US. For the most part, it seems Japanese Akita Inu breeders are international, and its a bit hard to get a puppy from Germany, for example.

    Does anyone know of any breeders or have had experience with such breeders in the US? Thank you :)

    • Here is a breeder that uses German, Japanese, and American lines. You might want to check it out:
      is in Canada though, but her dogs seems very nice.

      x Kharis

  • Avatar Maddie Best bear/boar hunting dog breed?
    Jun 14, 2012 by Maddie | Posted in Dogs

    Hallo, I have recently moved to the us. I have been working with bear and boar hunting breeds for a long time, and I am not satisfied. Bear hounds are lumbering and heavy, and can do nothing but bark around a bear. Plus … away or add?
    4) any helpful tips?
    5) if you like hunting, would you get one of these?

    Danke! ;-)

    P.s, I hunt strictly for food or when there is a problematic bear, NEVER for sport.

    • I think it would be best not to say publicly that

      "I am a German breeder and I focus on quality as Germany does".

      Given the generally high German regard for quality,

      Your …r />

      P.S. Connie the Akita got the bears to change their regular route.

      They used to go past our garden; after Connie, they went across the highway instead.

      THAT takes cojones ! !

  • Avatar Kristin D. What is the best breed of dog for protection of the family and property (READ DESCRIPTION)?
    Dec 28, 2010 by Kristin D. | Posted in Dogs

    PLEASE HELP! My family and I want a dog and we all enjoy playing tug-of-war with our neighbors dog....
    Now before you go naming breeds I just wanted to let you know what all that I know. :P
    I know that every … guard dog breeds and bull breeds. So, I want a guard dog breed... But I don't know what type of breed would fit my family the best... German shepard dog? Native american indian dog? Chow chow? WHAT?!
    Please help!

    • Huh, suppose the Whippet's a guard breed since mine LOVES tug of war.... not. It's rare that a dog doesn't enjoy a good game of tug, so it's not ONLY the guard or bully breeds that enjoy that.

      What you ne …n easy to train dog? Big dog, small dog, lots of fur, how many hours a week are you willing to put into grooming?

      Answer those questions and you will have a better idea of what breed to look into getting.