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May 9, 2013 – 06:39 am

japanese american akita dogGroup: spitz / working height: m 26-28" / 66-71 cm
f 24-26" / 61-66 cm
weight: m 100-130 lbs / 45.36- 58.97 kg,f 70-100 lbs / 31.75-45.36 kg types: colors: physical traits: large,sturdy,large, heavy-boned,powerful presence,poised,regal hair type:

double-coated. outer coat hard,thick,straight,harsh/stiff and standing off body. undercoat thick,soft, fine,dense and shorter than outer coat. short hair on head,lower legs and ears. length of hair at withers and croup ~2" / 5 cm,and slightly longer than on rest of body,except tail,where hair is longest and most profuse. sheds twice a year


loyal,devoted,affectionate,alert,friendly to family and friends, independent,reserved with strangers,courageous,dignified, responsive,spirited,intelligent,territorial, strong guarding and protective instinct,high prey drive. some can be shy or aggressive

special needs:
much exercise,requires alot of food,develop dominance hierarchy early,brush regularly, protect from strangers,most even-tempered but some difficult to handle,some are quite aloof and require patience to obedience train,some may have tendency to fight with other dogs nickname: origination: Japan,the Japanese-American Akita was created by crossing the spitz type Japanese Akita with Tosas and Mastiffs (and possibly Great Danes) to make a larger fighting dog. during WWII,dog (including Akita) coats were used to make military garments. only German Shepherds that served as police dogs were protected. Akita fanciers bred them with German Shepherds in an attempt to save them. one line,the Dewa,were brought back to the United States by WWII soldiers where they developed a different look and recognized as a unique type in 1955,with the establishment of the Akita Club of America in 1956 and subsequently accepted by the AKC in 1972. the Japanese Akita's original spitz look was restored in Japan by breeding WWII Akitas with Matagi Akitas. those crossbred with Shepherds are considered Akita Shepherd hybrids. bred for: fighting identifying traits: Akita’s do not have blue or black-spotted tongues ideal for: companion,family,protection,any climate good with kids? life expectancy: 10-14 yrs of interest: health concerns : ’ kennel clubs: akc -(working dog breed group),fci-('American Akita',spitz and primitive - Asian spitz dog breed group)

Source: www.dogsindepth.com

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Akita from outside the US ( AKIHO Akita)

Japanese Akita can not have a black muzzel unless they are a Brindle. For more info look into Akiho Akitas. I have a pure white akita from outside the US. I could not get a quality Japanese (Akiho ) Akita in the US. Breeders suspect you will crossbreed with the American Akita. I have Had both types, one was a cross breed (tweeny). They are very different in body type. I prefer the Akiho Akita, the body type is better for longer life and less hip issues. Mokoto parrents are both champions, He was $1700 shipped from the Netherlands. go to akita-kennel.com for this breeder. No issuse in the shipping very easy

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  • Avatar Kelsea Japanese (not American) Akita breeder in or near South Carolina?
    Jan 13, 2009 by Kelsea | Posted in Dogs

    Does anyone know of an Akita breeder that breeds the actual Japanese type of Akita in or around South Carolina? I prefer the look of this Akita, rather than the bearish face of the American. But if the American is really my only option, I would still love this breed too. Also, what is the price range of these puppies?

    • There aren't many JA breeders in the US since they cannot be shown here. You will have to look long and hard and the chances of finding a good one near you are not especially good. I think your best bet would be to conta …ge from $300-$700 (possibly more) and a show dog will be around $1000+. (These are rough estimates from what I have heard from reputable breeders, not hard and fast numbers.)

      Akita club of America website:

  • Avatar Vie Japanese Akita breeders around Texas?
    Nov 13, 2011 by Vie | Posted in Dogs

    I hate these kind of questions, and I hate being one of the people who ask. However, I was looking on the internet, trying to find breeders of Akitas (the smaller, lighter Japanese ones; I don't like the way the American …okay to bark and when it's not, he's watchful and protective, but NEVER aggressive. I know what I'm doing and how to do it. I appreciate your concern, but it's not needed.

    Thanks guys.

    xo VIE xo

    • I really doubt you'll find a true japanese akita in the US unless its been imported directly from japan.

      You will have to do some really hardcore research and you might need to pay a lot of money to import a dog.

      I don't like the look of american akitas either. they are too big and too bear-like.