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Title :Akita (American)
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Originally, the Akita was bred in Japan for dog fight games and hunting. During the breed’s early stages, the Japanese community regarded this dog as a royal pet. Today it enjoys the status of a national monument in the Japan. There are two different types of Akitas, the Japanese Akita was originally the first breed and from the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in Japan and in other countries around the world now a separate breed the American Standard Akitas. The size and weight are different from its cousin the Japanse Akita and the American Akita allows a black mask. The original Japanese breed does not allow for a black mask. The average height of the Female is about 24 - 26 inches {61 - 66 cm}. The average height for the Male 26 - 28 inches {66 - 71 cm}
The average weight for the female is 75 - 110 pounds {34 - 50 kg} and the average weight for the male is 75 - 120 pounds {34 - 54 kg}
One of the health problems that the Akita is prone to hip dysplasia, both autoimmune thyroiditis and hypothyroid, immune diseases like Pemphigus and VKH, skin problems like eyes and SA {entropion, Micro, PRA, } patella and other problems with their knees
The {American} Akita were first introduced to the US in the year 1937. Eight years later, the population off Akita in American soil intensified with return of soldiers who came back with this dog. Later, a mix of the breed, commonly known as the American Akita was developed. Due to some distinctive features, the name of the dog was changed from great Japanese dog to American Akita. These changes were made by the FCI.
Some of the features that differentiate an Akita {American} from their Japanese counterparts is the body build. The American Akita have large eyes and enormous bone structure that resembles that of a bear. On the contrary, their counterparts have the resemblance of a fox. They have a smaller triangular head with their eyes and ears set lower and carried forward.
Apart from the bodily features, the Akita {America} is also quite different from the Japanese Akita from their colors. The Akita {American} may come in various patterns of colors or even several color combination...

Source: knowledgebase.lookseek.com

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Dover DEs breed legislation, part 1

Dangerous Breed Dogs shall mean:
(1) Akita, Cane Corsa, Chow-Chow, Doberman
Pinscher, Mastiff, Pit Bull Terrier, Presa Canario,
Rottweiler, any Staffordshire terrier; or a mix of
any of the specified breeds; and
(2) Dogs which have been registered at any time as
any of the specified breeds; and
(3) Dogs which have the appearance of being
predominantly of the breed of dogs as listed on the
dangerous breeds list. A dog shall be deemed to
have the "appearance of being predominately of the
breed of dogs" if the dog exhibits the physical
characteristics which su bstantially conform to the
standards established by the American Kennel Club
or the United Kennel Club for any of these breeds

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  • Avatar Dustin What are some personality traits this dog may have?
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    I have a two year old Pit-Bull, Rottweiler, Akita, Blue-Heeler, Dingo, Wired terrier mix.
    I've had him since he was puppy. What are some things he may want to do because of his breeds?
    What are some of his traits due to his breeds?

    • He will probably have the personality traits of the most dominant breed in his DNA....with a few noticeable traits from the next dominate breed......it sounds like he should be an active fun dog...maybe liking hikes and romping the best. What have you discovered he likes to do?

  • Avatar Violet Akita Inu and American Akita?
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    I am debating whether i should adopt a german shepherd pup or Akita inu . THere is a big difference between the Akita Inu and American Akita . Most of the websites i visited, had them put as 1 breed . I consider them dif …

    Would a German shepherd be better for me and my Family or an Akita inu (not American Akita) ?
    Whats an AKita inu's characteristics and personality traints and background info ?? (experts only)

    • I have studied Akitas for several years as well as own a half American half Akita Inu myself and know their history, temperament, behavioral problems, really almost anything you want to know. So I would definitely consid … him while he is eating and take away his bowl for a few seconds. If he growls or barks, use the top of your hand to gently pop him on the chin. As long as you don't do it hard, it won't hurt, it just feels very awkward!

  • Avatar Eric C Akita Inu's temperament?
    Jun 16, 2010 by Eric C | Posted in Dogs

    Here's a follow up question regarding the Akita Inu breed - in the movie "Hachi", the Akita seemingly mellow and cheerful, but a few Akita (the American breed) I know of in real life are actually quit stubborn, grouchy a …erican vs Japanese version much different in personality?
    yes, i should say "american version", understanding there is only one akita breed
    ha, JBFP - you are not stalking me are you? :) we'll see... thanks!

    • There is only one Akita - Japanese.

      They are aloof dogs, hard headed, but still great dogs.