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June 26, 2014 – 03:21 pm

15-week-old American Akita


AH-ki-ta (proper Japanese pronunciation, with the emphasis placed on the first syllable)
a-KEE-ta Inu (preferred pronunciation in the West)


American Akita AKC Standard

Massive but in balance with body; free of wrinkles when at ease. Skull flat between ears and broad; jaws broad and powerful with minimal dewlap. Head forms a blunt triangle when viewed from above. Fault—narrow or snipey head. Muzzle—broad and full. Distance from nose to stop is to distance from stop to occiput as 2 is to 3. Stop—well defined, but not too abrupt. A shallow furrow extends well up forehead. Nose—broad and black; black noses on white Akitas preferred, but a lighter colored nose with or without shading of black or gray tone is acceptable. Disqualification—partial or total lack of pigmentation on the nose surface. Ears—the ears of the Akita are characteristic of the breed; they are strongly erect and small in relation to rest of head. If ear is folded forward for measuring length, tip will touch upper eye rim. Ears are triangular, slightly rounded at tip, wide at base, set wide on head but not too low, and carried slightly forward over eyes in line with back of neck. Disqualification—drop or broken ears. Eyes—dark brown, small, deep-set and triangular in shape. Eye rims black and tight. Lips and Tongue—lips black and not pendulous; tongue pink. Teeth—strong with scissors bite preferred, but level bite acceptable.

Neck—thick and muscular; comparatively short, widening gradually toward shoulders. A pronounced crest blends in with base of skull. Body—longer than high, as to 10 is to 9 in males; 11 to 9 in females. Measurement from the point of the sternum to the point of buttocks. Chest wide and deep; reaching down to the elbow, the depth of the body at the elbow equals half the height of the dog at the withers. Ribs well sprung, brisket well developed. Level back with firmly-muscled loin and moderate tuck-up. Skin pliant but not loose. Serious faults—light bone, rangy body.

Tail—large and full, set high and carried over back or against flank in a three-quarter, full, or double curl, always dipping to or below level...


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There's American and Japanese, both

are Akitas, and it depends on who you talk to which is the better one to have.
Out of wikipedia (Not the best source, but it's true in this case)
Debate remains among Akita fanciers of both types whether there are, or should be, two distinct breeds of Akita. To date, the American Kennel Club (AKC),[2] Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC),[3] guided by their national breed clubs, consider American and Japanese style Akitas to be two types of the same breed, allowing free breeding between the two. The Federation Cynologique Internationale

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    • He will probably have the personality traits of the most dominant breed in his DNA....with a few noticeable traits from the next dominate sounds like he should be an active fun dog...maybe liking hikes and romping the best. What have you discovered he likes to do?

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    • I have studied Akitas for several years as well as own a half American half Akita Inu myself and know their history, temperament, behavioral problems, really almost anything you want to know. So I would definitely consid … him while he is eating and take away his bowl for a few seconds. If he growls or barks, use the top of your hand to gently pop him on the chin. As long as you don't do it hard, it won't hurt, it just feels very awkward!