Great American Akita

In a great American Akita


■ 24-28”
■ 75-120 lbs

Note: standards vary by club


■ large spitz with erect, triangular ears
■ tail curls, carried over back or against flank
■ double-coated, outer coat is straight & harsh
■ any color, including white, brindle and pinto
■ may or may not have a black mask


American Akitas are direct decedents of the ancient Akita Inu of Japan. At the end of WWII many servicemen returning from Japan brought “Akitas” home with them to the United States. Most of these dogs were in fact German Shepherd/Akita crosses, a result of the Japanese culling all non-military dogs during the war and their owners wanting to see their dogs spared. Breeders had different views on where to take the Akita in the United States than in Japan and overtime the two became distinctly different. The American Akita is larger and often described as having a bear-like head, while the Akita Inu’s is more fox-like. American's also favor the pinto markings, while they are strictly forbidden in Japan. Today most of the world, including countries governed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the United Kingdom's Kennel Club, both are considered separate breeds, only in North America are they classified as one. By continuing to lump the two together most Akita Inus cannot be shown under current American Kennel Club standards.


■ not recommended with children
■ may have difficulties with other dogs
■ can be difficult to train

Care requirements

■ does best with a yard
■ adjusts well to cold climates
■ has a moderate activity level
■ requires regular brushing


■ lives 10-12 years


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The Akita (aka Great Japanese Dog)

The American type Akita and the Japanese type Akita are 2 different breeds, with rather different lineage.
While I'm an Akita lover of both types, they are for experienced owners.
The Akita Inu (not the American Type) are a national treasure of Japan.
They blow their entire under coat 2-3 times a year (even sometimes only once).
The rest you said is true of them however.
Need need a strong and self-assured owner who is familiar with dominant and strong willed dogs.
This dog should also be shaved or stripped during the summer months as you plan to keep him outdoors

American Akita Training Secrets
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  • Avatar Dustin What are some personality traits this dog may have?
    Jun 16, 2012 by Dustin | Posted in Dogs

    I have a two year old Pit-Bull, Rottweiler, Akita, Blue-Heeler, Dingo, Wired terrier mix.
    I've had him since he was puppy. What are some things he may want to do because of his breeds?
    What are some of his traits due to his breeds?

    • He will probably have the personality traits of the most dominant breed in his DNA....with a few noticeable traits from the next dominate sounds like he should be an active fun dog...maybe liking hikes and romping the best. What have you discovered he likes to do?

  • Avatar Violet Akita Inu and American Akita?
    Dec 11, 2010 by Violet | Posted in Other - Social Science

    I am debating whether i should adopt a german shepherd pup or Akita inu . THere is a big difference between the Akita Inu and American Akita . Most of the websites i visited, had them put as 1 breed . I consider them dif …

    Would a German shepherd be better for me and my Family or an Akita inu (not American Akita) ?
    Whats an AKita inu's characteristics and personality traints and background info ?? (experts only)

    • I have studied Akitas for several years as well as own a half American half Akita Inu myself and know their history, temperament, behavioral problems, really almost anything you want to know. So I would definitely consid … him while he is eating and take away his bowl for a few seconds. If he growls or barks, use the top of your hand to gently pop him on the chin. As long as you don't do it hard, it won't hurt, it just feels very awkward!

  • Avatar Eric C Akita Inu's temperament?
    Jun 16, 2010 by Eric C | Posted in Dogs

    Here's a follow up question regarding the Akita Inu breed - in the movie "Hachi", the Akita seemingly mellow and cheerful, but a few Akita (the American breed) I know of in real life are actually quit stubborn, grouchy a …erican vs Japanese version much different in personality?
    yes, i should say "american version", understanding there is only one akita breed
    ha, JBFP - you are not stalking me are you? :) we'll see... thanks!

    • There is only one Akita - Japanese.

      They are aloof dogs, hard headed, but still great dogs.