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August 18, 2014 – 03:05 am

Japanese Akita, Great Japanese Dog

The Akita is a large and powerful dog breed with heavy bone, a muscular body and a strong, short muzzle. He has a powerful, brisk gait. Faithful and affectionate, the Akita loves human companionship.

The powerful Akita loves human company.

The Akita dog breed originated in Japan.

Akitas range from 24 inches to 28 inches.

Akitas range from 75 to 110 pounds.

Akitas' coats can be of any color including white, brindle and pinto.

Akitas have a straight, harsh outercoat and a soft, dense undercoat. Regular brushing is required to keep the coat looking neat.

The Akita is a friendly and affectionate dog breed. Early socialization is a must to be assured that the Akita will not become aggressive.

AkitaThe Akita is susceptible to hip dysplasia, gastric torsion and eye problems.

The expected life span of the Akita is 10-12 years.

Akitas do best in a house with a fenced yard. The owner of an Akita should be an energetic leader in order to handle this large and powerful dog breed.

The Akita is in the Working group.

The Akita is the largest of the dogs surviving from ancient Japan, growing as large as 25 27 inches tall at the shoulders. Females weigh between 65 and 110 pounds while males weigh in at about 10 pounds more. Like other large dogs, they typically live about 10 years.

Akita dogAkitas are completely loyal to their family.

A nobleman who was exiled to the Akita Prefecture of Japan developed the breed in the 17th Century. The nobleman encouraged the land barons in Akita to compete in breeding a dog for hunting, resulting in the original Akitas. In its native Japan, the dog came to be seen as a symbol of good health, often being given to people who are ill or who have just had a baby, to bring happiness into their homes.

In danger of extinction

Several times throughout its history, the Akita was driven to near extinction by dog fighting, interbreeding, and a massive rabies epidemic in the late 19th Century. By the 1930's, the breed was so rare that the Japanese government actually subsidized dog food for Akitas if their families could not afford to feed them.

Akita dog and girlHelen Keller brought the first Akita to the United States after hearing the story of Hachiko, the faithful pet who waited by the train station each day for his master to return home. When the master failed to come home one day, the dog returned to the station each day for nine years to stand vigil, with station attendants feeding him until his death. A solemn ceremony is held at the train station each year in his honor. More Akitas were brought to North America by servicemen returning from World War II, and the breed's popularity surged in the mid-20th Century.

Great strength, courage and loyalty

Originally bred to hunt large prey such as bear, elk, and wild boar, the Akita today retains its strength and courage. People may see this combination of strength and hunting ability as a danger, but Akitas are known for their strong, loyal ties to their families.

Source: www.doggies.com

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The Akita (aka Great Japanese Dog)

The American type Akita and the Japanese type Akita are 2 different breeds, with rather different lineage.
While I'm an Akita lover of both types, they are for experienced owners.
The Akita Inu (not the American Type) are a national treasure of Japan.
They blow their entire under coat 2-3 times a year (even sometimes only once).
The rest you said is true of them however.
Need need a strong and self-assured owner who is familiar with dominant and strong willed dogs.
This dog should also be shaved or stripped during the summer months as you plan to keep him outdoors

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  • Avatar d_juan29187 Akita breeder....or the person who has good info abt akita?
    Dec 24, 2007 by d_juan29187 | Posted in Dogs

    Wel im about to get an jap akita......but im not sure wat are the top kennels or top bloodlines of akita can any one tel me wat bloodline or kennels i shud look for?

    i was talkin to one of my fren he said t … kennels n i wont disagree from there size n big bones n stuff looks very cute n gooood......but cant find any kennels info anywhere if i wud find that out then i can see if he is rite abt the top kennels.

    • I can tell you now that the top kennels are going to be looking for someone who has done extensive research on this breed. they are beautiful, large, powerful, unique animals that require a lot of care. they tend to be a … for a pet and not a show dog. there are many beautiful orphans waiting for good homes out there!!!

      it takes approximately 57-61 days for a female to give birth after breeding.

      good luck!!!

  • Avatar Christian American akita for hunting?
    Aug 26, 2013 by Christian | Posted in Hunting

    Do you think a male american akita can be a good hunting dog... like for coyotes and foxes

    • Any dog can hunt, but not just any dog can hunt.

      By this I mean that there are pointers that don't show a lick of interest in game, and there are yorkies that will tear out after a bear. It has the do with …group such as Walkers, Blue Ticks, B&T's etc are more suited.

      If you already have an Akita, you can try hunting with it. If you are thinking of buying a dog for the purpose, I'd choose something else.