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October 17, 2014 – 11:55 am

Akita Inu sale New Zealand

just feeling nostalgic about OES an Pat and Vic Guest, and found your site by accident. You probably don't remenber me, but I used to live in Italy, and in nov. 1981 came to visit the Lamacres Kennels, and Chris picked us up and drove in the night, with Lancelot, to Edinburgh for the Ch. Show. I think Lancer won Best Junior. We also went to Bingley Hall for a Club Show. He was a beutiful dog. And Pat and Vic were fantastic friends. So sad. Good luck with your super Akitas.

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Happy New Year! Wanted to let you know that Flash (born March 2011) has grown into a wonderful young male dog. Apart from constantly drawing attention from admirers wherever he goes, he is a marvellous ambassador for the breed. His temperament is nothing short of astonishing to us as previous owners of 3 akitas. Flash loves everyone, including 99.9% of other dogs. Of course, he does mostly what he pleases, but the trick (we have learned) is to make him think that's what we were planning anyway...he is a joy and at nearly 3 is now starting to run short distances with us which (despite the above) he is remarkably good at. He weighs 45-46kg, measures precisely 28" at the withers, and has similar markings to Jonti (his Dad).
Thanks again and best wishes

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Luv your website. Member of HOT (Heart Of Texas) Akita club. Here in London on company project.miss my Akita "Kanji" so went looking on the web for next best. Going to Texas for Xmas, sure would like to take something back to club members.do you have a shirt or jacket I could buy? Or better yet I'll trade you for one of ours? Akitas "rock" round the world!

Country: New Zealand -

I would just like to thank you for almost 12 years with the best friend anyone could wish for. Remirez (Nosferatu las vegas avenger ). I got him off you december 2000 and he never really left my side after that, we moved to New Zealand six years ago and he loved it here.

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Hi Chris and Tina,

You probably wont remember me but my parents, Steve and Sharon Bedford, pointed me in the direction of your site when i mentioned i was looking to bring a puppy into my home.

Source: www.nosferatuakitas.co.uk

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Any Akita experts out there in the chicago area?

I just recently put down a deposit on a male Akita pup. He's AKC Full Registered, health guaranteed, etc.
He is grandson to Regalia's Power Surge/Dempsey.
He is Brown with black overlay, white markings, black mask.
Paying more for him then I wish to discuss, lol.
I will not have him for another 4 weeks, end of April he is ready to go, but depending on the breeder's, and my schedule, I will receive him end of april, early may.
As he is under full registration, and bloodlines are with him, there is the possibility of showing him, which I am sincerely interested in doing

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  • Avatar d_juan29187 Akita breeder....or the person who has good info abt akita?
    Dec 24, 2007 by d_juan29187 | Posted in Dogs

    Wel im about to get an jap akita......but im not sure wat are the top kennels or top bloodlines of akita can any one tel me wat bloodline or kennels i shud look for?

    i was talkin to one of my fren he said t … kennels n i wont disagree from there size n big bones n stuff looks very cute n gooood......but cant find any kennels info anywhere if i wud find that out then i can see if he is rite abt the top kennels.

    • I can tell you now that the top kennels are going to be looking for someone who has done extensive research on this breed. they are beautiful, large, powerful, unique animals that require a lot of care. they tend to be a … for a pet and not a show dog. there are many beautiful orphans waiting for good homes out there!!!

      it takes approximately 57-61 days for a female to give birth after breeding.

      good luck!!!

  • Avatar Christian American akita for hunting?
    Aug 26, 2013 by Christian | Posted in Hunting

    Do you think a male american akita can be a good hunting dog... like for coyotes and foxes

    • Any dog can hunt, but not just any dog can hunt.

      By this I mean that there are pointers that don't show a lick of interest in game, and there are yorkies that will tear out after a bear. It has the do with …group such as Walkers, Blue Ticks, B&T's etc are more suited.

      If you already have an Akita, you can try hunting with it. If you are thinking of buying a dog for the purpose, I'd choose something else.