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September 6, 2014 – 06:31 am

American Akita Puppies Last

Read what some longcoat owners have to say...

Owners of "Natuk": We purchased Natuk when he was about 11 weeks old and he was a big ball of fluff and even to this day he is still a ball of fluff. He has a great temperament with children and adults of all ages, and evens lets our 18 month old granddaughter sit on his back. He's always pleased to see you and shows it by licking you to death. He is also very obedient on the lead and loves nothing better than playing with our other dog. If I had to some him up in a few words it would be: Big, Cuddly, Lovable, Friendly, Loyal and Obedient.

Danti Akitas are very professional breeders and were extremely helpful and informative before during and after the purchase of our longhaired Japanese Akita. They are always at the other end of the phone if we have any problems. Before we brought our dog home to Scotland we were given a run down by Karen and Steven on how to look after our Akita and even met some of their dogs whom were all friendly and well looked after. and we wouldn't hesitate in purchasing another Akita from them in the future.

Owners of "Hachi": I had Hachi-Chan from my good friends at Danti Akitas. He has turned into the most beautiful dog and I am very grateful to them for letting me own one of their stunning Akitas. Karen and Steve have been on the end of the phone when ever I have needed advice. Hachi-Chan is being obedience trained and came 5th out of 22 at an obedience trial. His first one! When summer arrives I will be trying to teach him Agility. He is the most faithful friend to me and my protector. I look after him and he looks after me.
Thanks to Danti for giving me the best dog ever!
Love, Karen Chazer.

Owners of "Hoshi": Hoshi goes to 'puppy training' every Tuesday evening. She is not quite the youngest in the class but just about the biggest. She will sit and shake paws, wait when asked to i.e. for food or to have pictures take, lay down and wait for her food. Play fetch with a ball or other small container for hours. At a later stage she will do agility as this will keep her socialised with other dogs. She is going in for a degree in digging l am expecting a pass with first class honors!!! She travels really well and knows that once the car starts she is expected to lie down and not move until the car stops.

Source: www.dantiakitas.co.uk

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ALL pet stores get their pups from mills

The dogs come from disgusting mills in Kansas, Missouri...places like that usually. What does his papers say?
I worked at a pet store as a teen. The trucks would show up at the back door and throw (YES...THROW) the dirty malnourished puppies at us from the back of the truck. We'd clean them up and put em up for sale. Looking at the pedigrees, youd see the same names over and over. Mother bred to son, father to daughter. Over and Over and Over. Such poorly bred dogs its amazing they even survived.
You bought a badly bred Akita. One of the worst breeds to do that with. Akitas take a very special person to own them

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  • Avatar Buttercup Akita breeders in Washington State? ?
    Jan 09, 2009 by Buttercup | Posted in Dogs

    Anyone know of any? I really want an akita. Bad. And I'm all ready for one.

    • Heres some good Akita Breeders in Washington.

      Subarashii Registered Akitas
      Royal Registered Akitas
      Registered Akitas
      Registered Akitas
      Registered Akitas
      Registered Akitas

  • Avatar wally_1_2 I am looking for a registered Akita breeder near Washington State?
    Dec 15, 2008 by wally_1_2 | Posted in Dogs
    • I am in Washington State. Why are you looking for a breeder of Akitas?

      Do you own an Akita now?