Akita guard Dogs for sale

Is an Akita the right dog for you...?

July 22, 2014 – 10:15 pm

Are Akitas good with kids?

Before you buy an Akita puppy, THINK: What do I want my dog to be like? How will this dog fit into my lifestyle? What is my living situation? Consider what your needs are and what the dog's needs will be. Do thy conflict? Think of the dogs you've Enjoyed owing in the past. Were they easy going or intense? Self willed, or dependent; out-going or reserved; placid or energetic? Then ask yourself if you have the TIME needed to devote to socializing, training and loving your dog.

The Akita is an extremely intelligent, large, energetic, and strongly territorial dog whose life is oriented toward his owners. If he is the right dog for you, he is one of the most rewarding breeds to own, but this is also a demanding breed, and should not be casually added to the household on a whim.

Will you enjoy owning an Akita? If you are looking for a bright, sensitive, responsive dog with whom you will be able to spend time, will be able to train and will be protective and loyal and devoted to you and your family for the rest of his life, then perhaps you would enjoy owning an Akita.

The Akita can be a guard dog. He feels that one of his jobs is to protect his family. You don't need to train him to do this; it comes naturally to him. He will be watchful of people on your property, expressing suspicion with a low rumble; Akitas are not barkers. They quickly learn to differentiate between strangers and friends. Akitas are not tolerant of other dogs especially those of the same sex. Under no circumstances should an Akita be allowed to roam through the neighborhood.

The Akita, although a large dog, does not require huge amounts of exercise. Like any dog, an Akita will thrive on a moderate amount of exercise and enjoys playing energetically. You will be happier and so will your dog if you choose a breed that fits into your present lifestyle. Don't expect to change your way of life once you've acquired a dog.

Akitas do not shed on a continual basis; however, they do "blow their coats" about twice a year. As the new coat is beginning to grown into place, large tufts of hair will loosen. The coat can be stripped by using a wire slicker brush. The dogs seem to enjoy this extra attention and if done on a regular basis as the coat is shedding, the new coat will usually come in quicker.

The Akita is a working dog. The working dog group includes some of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. You'll be amazed at how quickly he learns, and at the number of things you can teach him. But this great intelligence carries an obligation with it. An Akita won't be happy if left alone in a pen or in the house all day. A working dog enjoys life most when he is given responsibility and a job to do, whether the job is obedience, babysitting, back-packing, or hunting. The Akita demands your attention and thrives on it when trained and worked with regularly.

DON'T BUY AN AKITA because of pictures you've seen, stories you've read or because they are the "IN THING." MEET THE DOGS. Watch them at shows and visit them at home. There is a big difference between a cute 7 week old ball of fur and a full grown adult. If after all of that, you still want an Akita, then welcome to a most pleasurable experience.

Source: www.natural-akita.com

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The dogs come from disgusting mills in Kansas, Missouri...places like that usually. What does his papers say?
I worked at a pet store as a teen. The trucks would show up at the back door and throw (YES...THROW) the dirty malnourished puppies at us from the back of the truck. We'd clean them up and put em up for sale. Looking at the pedigrees, youd see the same names over and over. Mother bred to son, father to daughter. Over and Over and Over. Such poorly bred dogs its amazing they even survived.
You bought a badly bred Akita. One of the worst breeds to do that with. Akitas take a very special person to own them

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  • Avatar wally_1_2 I am looking for a registered Akita breeder near Washington State?
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    • I am in Washington State. Why are you looking for a breeder of Akitas?

      Do you own an Akita now?