Wolf-Dog Hybrids: Man's Best Friend?

April 15, 2013 – 07:13 am

Wolf-dog hybrids are becoming increasingly popular as household pets. But the rise in their sales in the United Kingdom and recent reports of escaped hybrids killing small dogs and threatening humans in the United States have renewed concerns about whether or not these animals should continue to be bred and sold to the public.

Wolf-dog hybrids are interesting and intelligent animals. They are produced by breeding a wolf with any of a variety of domestic dogs, including Akitas, German shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes, and huskies. The blend of wild and domestic genes in wolf-dog hybrids, however, gives rise to a complicated mosaic of disposition and instinct. Hybrids tend to be relatively gentle when young, but as they grow, they increasingly resemble wolves in their behavior. They possess the instincts of a wild animal, and the presence of genes from a domestic dog does little to lessen the intensity of these innate behaviors.

Humans, Dogs, and Wolves

Domestic dogs and wolves share as a common ancestor the gray wolf. The dog lineage is believed to have split from that of the gray wolf about 12, 000 to 14, 000 years ago, when populations of gray wolves underwent domestication by humans. The process of taming wolves took place in multiple locations around the world at about the same time and ultimately resulted in the emergence of the domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris, which is a subspecies of wolf, Canis lupus.

Thus, thousands of years of existence in very different environments and survival under very different social conditions has created a significant divide in the behavioral and genetic characteristics of wolves and dogs. Dogs display behavior, developmental patterns, and instincts that are compatible with life in a human-centered environment. Humans relied on dogs for protection and companionship and sometimes as a source of food. Our ancestors also bred dogs to produce varieties with unique traits, and because excessive inbreeding in purebred lines has made many of these animals highly dependent on humans, they generally are not fit for long-term survival in the wild.

Source: advocacy.britannica.com

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The dogs come from disgusting mills in Kansas, Missouri...places like that usually. What does his papers say?
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You bought a badly bred Akita. One of the worst breeds to do that with. Akitas take a very special person to own them

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