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November 28, 2013 – 02:01 pm

This Puggle Puppies For Sale

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  • Avatar kkid32 Where can i find Either Shiba Inu or Japanese Akita puppies for sale in the Bay Area?
    Nov 14, 2008 by kkid32 | Posted in Dogs

    Where can i find Either Shiba Inu or Japanese Akita puppies for sale in the Bay Area? Any dog breeders for those Breeds of dogs in the Bay Area? Prefferably in San Francisco. or any pet STORES that sell dogs in SF BAY AREA?
    uh just to let you know, i have a dog already and im looking for a new one, Shiba Inus and Japanese Akitas are the type i want because they are the way they are.

    • Here are some useful links to the national breed clubs for these breeds as well as some local rescue groups in your area.


  • Avatar Tristan W What would you say is the average price of an Akita Inu?
    Sep 29, 2012 by Tristan W | Posted in Dogs

    I was thinking about buying one I was just wondering what their rarity is and the average cost.

    • Visit and look up the breed in your area and on the left side you can choose an age if you want. It will cost a donation of around $200 to the shelter and potientally save a dog's life. :)

  • Avatar katherine Wanting japanese akita/akita inu!?
    Jul 28, 2010 by katherine | Posted in Dogs

    Ive been looking all over for japanese akitas for sale.
    is there anyone who knows of a breeder or shelter anywhere in the US that has japanese akita puppies for adoption?
    i know i can get one from a different country but i heard its really bad for the dog.
    ive posted ads for this dog all over anything i can find, id love if someone could help me out.
    thank you

    • I assume this means you would like a Japanese-style Akita instead of an American-style Akita? They are considered one breed but have distinct differences in type in many cases. I would start with the Akita Club of Americ …breeders are wonderfully networked and they will likely know of anyone with a litter or older dog that would work for you, as well as being involved or at least in the loop for rescue dogs, too.

      Good luck!