Akita in winter white

October 11, 2013 – 10:07 am

akita-moriyoshi-2In winter a deep snow sets in, turning Akita’s mountains and valleys into an undulating sea of white, spreading into the distance, cut off only by where the frozen drifts meet the clear blue skies.

By Robert Morel

Akita is a popular tourist destination year round, but is at its best during its crisp, powdery winters. With its stunning scenery, abundance of winter sports, historic hot springs, and mouth-watering sake and cuisine, Akita is truly Japan’s winter wonderland.

Giants of Snow

Awash with colorful wildflowers in the summer, and ablaze with changing leaves in the fall, Mt. Moriyoshi is quietly majestic in the deep white of Akita’s winter. Riding a gondola to the top of the mountain, you see the windblown ridges of snow interrupted by what look to be hundreds of white giants, frozen in mid step. These Moriyoshi juhyo are said to be guardians of the mountain. Crunching through the silent snow pathways between these frozen giants, it is easy to imagine they are remnants of a long forgotten race. That they are actually hoarfrost-and-snow covered trees somehow feels more surprising.

Throughout the winter, Mt. Moriyoshi’s Ani Ski Resort rents out snowshoes and offers guided hikes through some the frozen forests at the top of the mountain. Walking through the Moriyoshi juhyo forests, passing below these towering guardians of the mountain, is alternately enchanting and humbling. To see the brilliant white juhyo, snowy giants of the mountain, shining in the bright winter sun is a deeply moving experience.

Akita snowmobileSpeeding through the Drifts

While the mysterious beauty of Akita’s winter would be reason enough to visit, the area also offers up a range of winter excitements. In addition to the runs on Mt. Moriyoshi, skiers and snowboarders can cut through the powder at Yuri-honjo’s Yashima Ski Resort. The resort even has a terrain park for the more stunt-inclined boarders. Yashima is at its best at night, when the resort is lit up, its white slopes shining against the dark sky.

The real highlight here, though, comes in the form of treads rather than skis. Just a short distance from the ski slopes, the Minami-yurihara Highland is one of the few places in Japan where you can try your hand at shooting across the frozen white plains on a snowmobile. After getting comfortable on the short beginner’s course, take off through the wide forest trails, feeling the rush of wind as you open up the throttle, an expanse of white spreading out before you. There’s no driver’s license required to rent a snowmobile, and the on-site instructors see to it that even beginners will be speeding away in no time.

Snowy White Hot Springs

There are few more perfect ways to cap a day of exertion in the snow than an onsen. And there are few hot spring experiences more relaxing, more quietly magical than to soak in the hot waters of an outdoor bath, watching snowflakes drift down and disappear, turning to steam, just above your head. Akita offers no shortage of excellent hot spring towns, but few can rival the distinctive character of Nyuto Hot Spring Village. Boasting a nearly 400-year history, many of the town’s seven inns feel virtually unchanged since the days when feudal lords came to take in the springs’ rejuvenating waters. The oldest of these hot springs is Tsurunoyu Onsen.

Source: www.tokyoweekender.com

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I do not mean to interrupt your conversation but has anyone seen a black akita. He has been missing since 8/23 from S. San Jose. We are trying to get the word out to who ever we can.
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  • Avatar knuckles How rare are red akita inus (dog)with white face masks?
    Mar 18, 2010 by knuckles | Posted in Dogs

    My family is lookinf into buying a akita dog but we want a red one with a white face mask... how rare are they? am i likely to find one in california?

    • Most red American Akitas will have the black mask. If you want the red face/white mask combo you will have to get a Japanese Akita. In the US (and Canada, I believe), there is only 1 akita breed. Everywhere else, there i … There aren't too many Japanese Akita breeders in the US...believe me, I have been looking. Some breeders will cross the two. Try Sunrock Akitas or Hanko Akitas. Those are two that I have found that have Japanese Akitas.

  • Avatar jcgonzmo Is the dam (the brindle) an American Akita or an Akita Inu?
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    I contacted a breeder so that I could cross my dog (white with black) with one of his dams, and he came to my house with this dam (brindle). He told me she was an american akita (it had papers of certification). What do …g to the race, they are barely pet quality). HOW THE HELL can someone make those heartless comments about an innocent animal an at the same time suggest that adoption is better if the breed is not pure. Its plain Ilogic.

    • Those dogs may have papers, but they are not well-bred Akitas. That much is obvious by the photographs.

      Tell me, do you show these dogs? Do you health test (beyond just a "vet says they're healthy). D …e some very handsome pets of my own -- everyone thinks their dogs are the best -- however, if everyone who thought that were to breed their pet quality dogs we would have a problem with overpopulation . . . oh, wait. . .

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    My other dog, doesn't shed to much. He often get's hair everywhere though.
    I think I could handle a german shepherd shedding, but how does an akita fair off? I don't want too much hair, do they shed as much as a husky?

    I know these dog's are not for the first time owner, relax I know what I'm getting myself into. Chill people.

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