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October 3, 2013 – 10:22 am


My name is Marty Kirchner. I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with my wife Ann and our two Akitas. Sake is a red male and Jilly a white female. Sake is an aloof and friendly boy. He is never going to be a protector and hates riding in the car but is the sweetest dog you could hope to meet. Jilly is a street-wise girl who we rescued from the pound. She is a bit insecure, protective of her food and her Mom, but also very sweet.

Training Sake was a breeze as he is motivated by food. Say the “C word” and Sake went into his Cookie Dance. He learned all the basic commands and responded well. We never could get him to use the doggie door (Akita stubborn) but it didn’t matter. Sake has a love-hate relationship with Jilly. Most of the love coming from Sake and the hate… Well let’s just say Jilly tolerates the big goofy boy. Sake’s health began to deteriorate in November of 2005 and in April, just short of his 14th birthday, Sake did his Cookie Dance one last time and we knew it was time to end Sake’s pain. Surprisingly enough, it was Jilly who seemed to be having the hardest time adjusting to life without Sake. We had decided to be a one Akita family after Sake passed, a decision written in sand and we were soon surfing Akita Rescue sites for a companion for Jilly.

We found Bear, a 15-month old red Akita on the TARA site. His colorful bio, written so eloquently by Sandy, told us he was a fellow we wanted to meet. We made an inquiry to TARA and Diane sent us an application. Diane was a bit apprehensive to send Bear out of state and wanted to be sure our desire to adopt was sincere. Initially we were a bit put out by the extensive questions, but after meeting Diane, Sandy and Jarrett and seeing their commitment to Akita Rescue we completely understood.
Choosing rescue as a venue for pet adoption requires patience and understanding. People who take on the job of animal rescue are dedicated and noble folks who always have the best interests of the animal at heart. They are unsung heroes who put the animal first and foremost.

We spoke to Sandy, Bear’s foster mom, on the phone for over two hours. By the end of the conversation we were in love with Bear & Sandy and wanted to adopt them both! The next step was a home visit by a woman pinch hitting from a local Great Dane rescue that went well. The last and most important hurdle was introducing Jilly to Bear.

Source: www.tikihutakitarescue.com

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My Dog Need a loving home

His name is Cody. He is an American AKITA (MALE), White/Tan color (Hardly to see his color). He is 4 years old and very friendly to anyone who wants to play with him. He is a large breed that weights 110 Lbs. Basically my dog need a NEW lovely owner, a nice big backyard for him to play. He feels very lonely once my other dog passed away last sunday on 7/20/08. This healthy stud is open for FREE adoption; all his shot are current. Please call me at (626)512-2856

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  • Avatar knuckles How rare are red akita inus (dog)with white face masks?
    Mar 18, 2010 by knuckles | Posted in Dogs

    My family is lookinf into buying a akita dog but we want a red one with a white face mask... how rare are they? am i likely to find one in california?

    • Most red American Akitas will have the black mask. If you want the red face/white mask combo you will have to get a Japanese Akita. In the US (and Canada, I believe), there is only 1 akita breed. Everywhere else, there i … There aren't too many Japanese Akita breeders in the US...believe me, I have been looking. Some breeders will cross the two. Try Sunrock Akitas or Hanko Akitas. Those are two that I have found that have Japanese Akitas.