White Akita Temperament

Akita Characteristics & Temperament

March 7, 2014 – 05:26 am

Little puppy of a white Akita
AKITA - Breed Characteristics & Temperament

THE JAPANESE AKITA-INU By:Terry Arndt reprinted with permission

Revered as"Ichiban"(number one) in Japan, memorialized on a postage stamp, sculpted in bronze at a railway station and declared a Natural Monument; what greater honor could a dog enjoy? For one, the breed was once owned solely by royalty in Japan, and lavishly adorned with colorful leashes. These leashes were hooked to silver studded collars or harnesses and were borne by two men who wrapped the long cords around their waists.The Akita pulled the two handlers as he made his powerful entry into the show ring. Historians trace the arctic type hunting strains back to Eurasian tribes several millenniums B.C. The Akita as we know today evolved from a hunting dog of the Matagi people who hunt the Northern Honshu Island. During the17th Century, a great war lord encouraged the cross of the hunting dogs with a fighting strain to improve his strength. Some of the crosses were to the Tosa, Mastiff-like in structure, to the Chow, and to other native species. Because of its ancestral ties to aggressiveness towards other dogs, combined with hunting instincts, the Akita can be a troublesome dog to try to adopt into the domestic home scene.
The Akita is NOT the dog for the faint of heart or the gentle owner who desires a totally placid lap side companion. While the good qualities and beauty of the animal makes him an attractive consideration to would be owners, he is a responsibility to own and enjoy as a mature adult. Akitas should not be let free to run in a park to play with other dogs. His instinct to "hunt" and challenge, to attempt to be "pack leader" may result in strong skirmishes that the owner is not prepared for. If not present as a pup, these instincts quickly develop during puberty or shortly...

Source: www.natural-akita.com

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Akita dog and white Shepherd Kyushu Miyazaki friends walk
Akita dog and white Shepherd Kyushu Miyazaki friends walk

Thank you for your interest

Im glad you wrote back..Borning? No, never boring here, and then you add the 8 cats and 2 ferretts!!!!I just rescued the cats...Mommy and her kittens..Im on a mad search for homes for them, so if you know anyone...They are 8 weeks , white, and a touch of grey...Precious babies, litter trained and eating hard food...Anyway....Cacho, my Akita, is 7 1/2...I rescued him 4 years ago.Cacho was diagnosed w/ cancer almost 2 years ago, given a few months to live...He went through chemo and beat it...I still do the T-touch massage with him...have you heard of that? Its kinda like an alternative holistic treatment, but I believe it has its benefits

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  • Avatar knuckles How rare are red akita inus (dog)with white face masks?
    Mar 18, 2010 by knuckles | Posted in Dogs

    My family is lookinf into buying a akita dog but we want a red one with a white face mask... how rare are they? am i likely to find one in california?

    • Most red American Akitas will have the black mask. If you want the red face/white mask combo you will have to get a Japanese Akita. In the US (and Canada, I believe), there is only 1 akita breed. Everywhere else, there i … There aren't too many Japanese Akita breeders in the US...believe me, I have been looking. Some breeders will cross the two. Try Sunrock Akitas or Hanko Akitas. Those are two that I have found that have Japanese Akitas.

  • Avatar jcgonzmo Is the dam (the brindle) an American Akita or an Akita Inu?
    Nov 13, 2010 by jcgonzmo | Posted in Dogs

    I contacted a breeder so that I could cross my dog (white with black) with one of his dams, and he came to my house with this dam (brindle). He told me she was an american akita (it had papers of certification). What do …g to the race, they are barely pet quality). HOW THE HELL can someone make those heartless comments about an innocent animal an at the same time suggest that adoption is better if the breed is not pure. Its plain Ilogic.

    • Those dogs may have papers, but they are not well-bred Akitas. That much is obvious by the photographs.

      Tell me, do you show these dogs? Do you health test (beyond just a "vet says they're healthy). D …e some very handsome pets of my own -- everyone thinks their dogs are the best -- however, if everyone who thought that were to breed their pet quality dogs we would have a problem with overpopulation . . . oh, wait. . .