Akita Dogs for Adoption and Rescue

September 30, 2013 – 05:16 am

Introducing Cuddly Colt. He is is currently in Cheshire. Colt is an adorable 8 month old boy who is looking for a new forever home through no fault of his own. He is a friendly and loving boy who adores to be around people. He enjoys a good fuss and his usual response is Akita kisses.

Colt is a well balanced youngster who gets on well with other dogs, he even allows the other resident dog to steal his toys. Colt is used to being around children and is very good with them. He is very well behaved and responds to many commands and can walk well on the lead, although he will pull if he thinks he can away with it. Colt loves to be out and about and loves to play so he would like to be adopted by someone who has plenty of time for fun activities.

If you feel that Colt is the boy you are looking for, please contact us.


Introducing Yoshi, an adorable 3 year old boy who needs a new forever home through no fault on his part. Yoshi is a lovely, big friendly boy who adores cuddles and fuss, he would ideally love a family that has plenty of time to spend with him walking and playing. Yoshi can be over excitable when you first meet him and can be a little bouncy but he quickly calms down and shows the well behaved boy that he really is. Yoshi loves to play and his favourite game is catch with a ball, which he is very good at. He adores his walks but can be strong on the lead so needs someone who is happy to work with his lead training. Yoshi gets on well with other dogs so with this in mind could live with a female companion. He is friendly with children that he meets so could be placed in a home with older children.

If you think that you would be perfect for Yoshi, then please contact us. Yoshi is currently in Somerset and is 3 years old.


Source: www.dogsblog.com

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I have a black and tan coonhound mix that

Is about 7ish months old named Electra but more commonly called smelly ellie, ellie elephant, ellie mae or ellie mae clampett LOL. A 13 year old german shepherd x akita named wolfy aka wolfy brown hound and many other nicknames. And my new puppy the rescue said was a boxer mix, i'm working on finding her petfinder ad and i'll post it in a minute. she is brown and white with a black shading like a mask on her face. And lastly i'm getting a rat terrier puppy from the same place just waiting for her to get spayed.

OK please read and offer help if you can

I hope if you know Shannon JOhnson or Julie Stange of Tumwater and Gig Harbor you canhelp me and may be pass this on so my dog back....
HI I just moved from Phoenix with a dog I just brought for my kids named ALKAI. He is a 50%akita/50%Siberian Husky. He has one brown and one blue eye, he is all TAN, black mask and White ANGEL on chest. My ex's family was watching him until I got my kids and new home situated, but without calling me first, and knowing it was tempory, decided to give him away just because of how they felt about me.
I have made 4 calls out to this family that gave him away, but they refuse to call me back

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  • Avatar knuckles How rare are red akita inus (dog)with white face masks?
    Mar 18, 2010 by knuckles | Posted in Dogs

    My family is lookinf into buying a akita dog but we want a red one with a white face mask... how rare are they? am i likely to find one in california?

    • Most red American Akitas will have the black mask. If you want the red face/white mask combo you will have to get a Japanese Akita. In the US (and Canada, I believe), there is only 1 akita breed. Everywhere else, there i … There aren't too many Japanese Akita breeders in the US...believe me, I have been looking. Some breeders will cross the two. Try Sunrock Akitas or Hanko Akitas. Those are two that I have found that have Japanese Akitas.